I just wanted to tell you...


...that I got my driver's license!
A few little things to practice, but overall quite okay performance. And it wasn't actually that bad. The guy evaluating my driving test was nice and as we chatted for a while about how to use a car before actual driving, my nervousness got lesser. 
And now I couldn't be more happier. We already drove around with my best friend, ate subway and sang really beautifully. Awesome!  Nothing else this time, I just wanted to share my excitement with you. 

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2 kommenttia

  1. Jee, paljon onnea ajokortista! :-) muistan niin ton tunteen, kun ekaa kertaa pääsi ominpäin rattiin ja sai ottaa kaverit kyytiin, niin parasta! :-D

    1. hih kiitos! Ihan huippufiilis tosissaankin, vaikka vielä vähän epätodellista et muka saan nyt autolla ajella :D