jeans - koneHELSINKI, tank top - New Look,
 jacket - second hand, from my mom, shoes - my sister's

I'm not a fashion blogger, but somehow I love clothes. Probably I'm becoming as a fashion blogger? Even if I hate spending too much money, I (usually) like shopping - second hand shops and sales are my best friends. I know I'm gonna buy a lot when I get to England in two weeks, clothes are so cheap over there compared to Finland. So most probably you're gonna see some posts including only clothes, clothes and more clothes..

Tomorrow I'm leaving! Yay, I'm excited, especially 'cause today I got some medicines. I'm having a flu and I know from experience that it's not nice at all to fly while being ill.. Hopefully those pills are gonna work properly!

Getting ready..

not ready at all.. Much more is coming and I don't even want to know what it looks like when I'm trying to pack after three weeks!
This is what I've been doing today. I've been laundering (so much clothes which I would like to take with me. Guess I have to split in two the amount I'm wondering to take. Last time I had way too much stuff with me and it wasn't really an easy task to pack everything i bought to the top of my old clothes..), collecting stuff I'm gonna need, getting my nails done, searching the pass port... Three days and off we go!

Hey for the very first time!

Here's one 17 year old blogger from Finland. Just to say something and to get this blog started, I decided to introduce the idea and the person behind this blog shortly.

This is gonna be all about travelling, languages, studying, daydreaming and photographing the world. Most probably also pieces from here and there in my everyday-life. Hopefully I have time and interest to blog at least once a week, but we'll see it later on.
Blogging is not a new thing for me, I've been writing in Finnish a couple of years already. Now I wanted to get a fresh start and try this in English. I know, I make too many mistakes and my grammar is far away from perfect - but this is one way to improve my skills. Maybe in some point I can be proud of myself and say I really can speak and write good English.

As said in the sidebar of the blog, I'm studying in the IB-program. I just finished my Pre-year and in the autumn I'm starting with the first official IB-year. And actually I'm looking forward that! Gonna be hard, but I hope I'm gonna survive... 
So that's pretty much it. Let's see what the future brings for me and my blog, maybe this is gonna be long-lasting relationship.  Next time with more and clearer text and not so random pics. See ya then!