Munich is the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria, on the banks of River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. Munich is the third largest city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg, with a population of around 1.5 million. The Munich Metropolitan Region is home to 5.8 million people.

München on Saksan kolmanneksi suurin kaupunki Berliinin ja Hampurin jälkeen. Se sijaitsee Etelä-Saksassa Isarjoen varrella Baijerin osavaltiossa ja on myös osavaltion pääkaupunki. Ensimmäinen kirjallinen maininta kaupungista on 14. kesäkuuta 1158. Münchenin väkiluku oli vuonna 2011 noin 1,4 miljoonaa.

München - a lively, big but comfy and fairly beautiful city, with a welcoming atmosphere. I liked München, I liked it a lot. As well as I liked the Bayern (Eng. Bavaria) overall. The first sight of the city I got already in 2013 when I was visiting my hometown's "friendship town" and we landed on Munich Airport. However it was night, totally dark already and we just jumped in a bus and headed away. On June only difference was the fact, that we headed away by car.
Anyways, later on, we ended up spending a couple of days is München. We stayed at my boyfriend's aunt's and her family's place and saw a few different sides of the city. On Sunday, 28th of June, we went to the stables. The aunt is a horsegirl just like me, and as you can imagine - a horsegirl from Finland in a huge horse-country like Germany couldn't be more excited. As in Germany pretty much no shops are open during Sundays, during the afternoon we headed to Tollwood Festival.
Tollwood is an annual festival, which takes place from June to July. It has a hippie-like-atmosphere, with a lot of music, a lot of vegan food, a lot of organic stuff and handicrafts. And of course beer, as we are talking about Germany. It's crowded, but worth of checking if you're visiting München during the summer!
On Monday we visited the city center. As we stayed in a suburb of Müncen we had to take a bus and then a train to get to the central station. As we were planning to go around the city and continue in the evening by train back to my boyfriend's grandparents', we bought the "Bayern-tickets". The price is about 15 euros and the ticket is valid within Bayern-area for every public transportation including trains, buses, S-bahn (tram) and U-bahn (underground) for a day. So not bad at all!
The city itself then. As said, it has a really nice atmosphere. And I have a few places I'd like to recommend you to check out if you ever happen to be in München!
Marienplatz - the city's main square. A place for every tourist to visit; beautiful architecture over all. Englischer Garten is a pretty park to spend some time, and also checking out the river surfing spot in Eisbach is worth of doing. It's kinda cool that you can actually surf in the middle of the city in Germany!
So there you go. My visit to München in a very summarized format! Have you ever been in Germany?

München - kaunis kaupunki varustettuna kutsuvalla ilmapiirillä ja ihanilla hedelmä- ja vihanneskojuilla, joita löytyi joka kadun kulmasta. Tykkäsin paikasta varsin paljon, nyt kun vihdoin sain siihen tutustumiseen kunnon mahdollisuuden kesäkuussa. Münchenissä tuli vietettyä pari päivää, kun majoitus löyty esikaupungista poikaystävän tädin ja tämän perheen luota. Tutustuttua tuli niin hevoskulttuuriin harrastelijan näkökulmasta, Tollwoodin hippifestareihin, kaupungin keskusaukioon Marienplatziin, Englantilaiseen puutarhaan, kuin myös Eisbach-joessa olevaan keinotekoiseen surffausaaltoon. Kaikkiaan vierailemisen arvoinen kaupunki! Oletko sä käynyt koskaan Saksassa?

A quick hello!

Long time no see again! Test week started yesterday, today I had a day off and tried to study chemistry and still don't know what's going on with it... I haven't posted for a week, but now I can promise that the next post will be coming sooner! And I still do have millions of ideas just waiting for the right time .... that might be next summer. The last year of IB is trying to kill me. 
But yeah, anyways. Autumn is here and the weather is getting cooler. However the autumn colors haven't really shown up, which is quite sad. Today I spent, as said, with chemistry. I also dyed my hair, but before I'm letting you know what do I look like now, I want to share these outfit pics from two weeks ago. On these clothes I drove to Rovaniemi with my family. Didn't hit any reindeer and spent a lovely weekend with grandparents!
cardigan - Primark, top - H&M
skirt - H&M, shoes - Deichmann
Tights - some random shop in Germany
How is your autumn going?

Pitkästä aikaa blogin äärellä. Blogihiljaisuus ärsyttää itseänikin - asiaa kyllä löytyisi, mutta saa nähdä, milloin saan kaiken matskun teille asti. Ehkä ensi keväänä, kun koulu on tältä erää ohi. Toivossa on hyvä elää. 

Eilen alkoi koeviikko ja tänään viettelin vapaapäivän värjäten hiuksia ja päntäten kemiaa. Uudesta hiusväristäkin on kuvia tulossa jossain vaiheessa, mutta nyt tahdoin jakaa parin viikon takaiset asukuvat. Kyseisenä viikonloppuna ajeltiin pitkästä aikaa Rovaniemelle perheen kanssa moikkaamaan isovanhempia. Enkä edes taklannut yhtäkään poroa!

P.S. As you can see, I decided stick with English and start adding a short conclusion in Finnish!

Link your blog

As you can see from the picture above, it's time for the very first "link your blog" in this blog. I like linking my blog to this kind of posts and I've found several great blogs from those posts. I think this helps everyone - you can find something new to read, you can get new followers for yourself and as a host of a "link your blog" you have something nice to do when you go through the blogs linked. 

But anyway. You can leave a link in the comments below  and you have time to do that from now on until next weeks Friday 25.9.2015. Any kind of blogs are welcome as long as they're written in Finnish or in English (or Swedish).

I'm gonna pick up a few, most probably five, of my favourite blogs and make a  post introducing them. So now the stage is yours! 

Remember to mention, if I'm not allowed to take e.g. your banner and use it when introducing the blogs!

Okei, elikkäs olisi aika tämän blogin ensimmäiselle "linkkaa blogisi" postaukselle. Jätä kommentteihin linkki + pieni esittely itsestäsi ja blogistasi ja palaa tsekkaamaan, pääsikö blogisi lemppareihini asti! Aikaa on ensi viikon perjantaihin (25.9.2015) asti, muistathan myös kertoa, mikäli en saa käyttää banneriasi ym. esitellessäni blogiasi. 

XOXO, Fiia - Q&A

I do apologize the title, it's bad. But I just couldn't find a nice topic for this Blogging from A to Z post and so I decided to put these answers for your questions over here! I tried to divide them into few groups so it would be easier to skim this text through and find the ones that might interest you!

And I do apologize also the fact that this post is coming out a few months late... I just totally forgot this for a long long time!

How tall are you?
- A bit less than 160cm
Your natural hair color? 
- Just the ordinary grayish brown. 
Your favourite piece of clothing?
- It's really hard to name just one, but at least my woolen jacket is really nice. 
What does your hair look like? 
Pretty much like this:

Your dream profession at age of ten?
- I think it might have been something like rock-star or professional rider or  something like that, as I think my dream of becoming a vet was found bit later on.
The favourite childhood memory?
- I can't pick one, but summers in our cottage are quite nice and I have great memories of my "best-friends-used-to-bes"

What kind of family do you have? 
- There are my parents and my little sister in my family + our dog. 
Your hobbies?
Riding, reading, cooking, baking, music...
A thing you couldn't manage to live without? 
- Probably my calendar, as I'm totally lost if I can't check what I'm doing and where I'm going tomorrow and next week and next month and so on.. And my laptop takes clearly the second place. 
Have you ever moved from a city to another?
- No I haven't.
Do you have any weird habbits?
I speak a lot to myself and sometimes I catch myself doing it even there's others around. I might sound creepy, huh? But other ways no, I don't think so. 
What kind of music you listen?
- I'm a huge consumer of heavier music. If I listen to radio, it's usually Radio Rock (and just sometimes Suomipop). I love everything from heavy to rock - symphonic metal, powermetal, glamrock, hardrock. But I can listen pretty much everything!

Your favourite food?
- Hard to say just one, but I love salmon in all forms and different fruits and veggies as well.
Do you like to cook?
- One of my favourite things! I love cooking and baking. 

Future dreams?
- Again I've written a post about my dreams!
Your place of dreams to live in? 
- England
What kind of life you'd like to have in ten years?
- I'd like to have a profession, a dog and two cats, nice house somewhere with my small family.
Where would you like to live and why?
- What a hard question! I'd like to see the world as much as possible and live many places, but England or New Zealand are probably my ultimate dreams.
What is your biggest dream? 
- My biggest dreams are related to travelling. Visiting every continent is at least big enough!
Where do you see yourself in five years?
- Hopefully graduating from university pretty soon.
Where do you see yourself in ten years?
- I don't really know, hopefully I have a job and a profession and stuff like that. I've also written a post about my future plans!
Is there anything you'd like to achieve in your life?
There's a lot of things I'd like to achieve. Happiness, profession, good job and my dreams coming true. 

Next summer
What are you waiting for from the next summer?
- I'm awaiting to have a good time, travelling and friends, first summer to be officially an adult. And of course awesome adventures!
What you're going to do during the summer?
- I'm going to visit four countries, see my friends and spend a whole month with my boyfriend in Germany. The left over time that I have I'll spend with horses!


What do you hate?
- I barely hate anything... But I don't really like the way our world is at the moment - human kind is destroying each other and the whole planet.
Your favourite clothing store?
- I don't really have any favourite shops - I buy my clothes from here and there.
Your favourite dog breed?
I don't have one, but for example basenji, pharaoh hound and jack russell terrier are nice breeds. 
Favourite TV-show(s)?
- Ensitreffit alttarilla has been one of my favourites lately. Besides that Glee, McLeod's daughters, Sex and the city and Uusi Päivä are something that I like to watch.
Your favourite animal?
- Hard to name just one, but most probably dog or horse.
 Which season is your favourite and why?
- Hard to say, as I like all of them. Winter is probably my least favourite, but I really can't just pick one. There's anyway so much to do, and it's not depending of the season.
What do you like the most in yourself?
- If we think about the looks, I just looove my nails. And my eyes are quite nice as well. If talking about personality, I like the fact that I have opinions and I'm not afraid to say them out loud.
Your favourite song at the moment?
- Nightwish - Weak Fantasy

Where would you travel, if you could go anywhere now?
- New-Zealand or Australia, or if I should leave right now and come back quite soon I'd visit Iceland.
What would you do, if you won the lottery?
- I'd travel a lot. I would buy myself a car and pay the dept of ours. I'd save some money and give some away for a good purpose. I would put a bit more to horses and train and compete a lot during the next season.
If you'd get 5000 euros and you should use them now, what would you buy?
- A trip for my parents to some really nice place - that would be 3000e. Then I'd buy a laptop - that would take maximum of 1000e. I could use some of the last 1000 euros to buy flights for myself to Spain or Greece or somewhere like this for the next autumn break. With last hundreds I'd buy something nice for my sister and for myself; clothes, books, movies and albums.
Would you like to have an ability to read someones thoughts or become invisible?
- It would be too creepy to read someones mind, so I'd like to have a power to become invisible. It could be useful!
What have made you happy today?
- It's summer!
Have you achieved or done anything that you're really proud of?
- Really hard to say something that I'm really truly proud of, more than just the "usual amount of pride". But lately I've been proud of myself as I learned to play Taikatalvi with piano!
- What is the most embarrassing/tough situation where you have had to perform?
Really difficult one to answer again! I can't remember any specific moment when I've been embarrassed a lot.
If you could live anywhere, where would you live and in what kind of house?
- At the moment I feel like I would go to live in England, most probably in London. Some cool, modern and big flat in the city could be my ultimate dream came true right now.
Who is your role model?
- At least my grandfather was a role model for me. And I think another grandpa plays an important role in my life as well.
Your favourite make-up product?
- I have to name Maybelline New York master precise eyeliner. It's the one I've been using for years, it lasts long and is easy to put on. Just love it!
A place where you feel more comfortable alone than with a group?
- Home.
Where'd you like to be right now?
- I'm quite happy with where I am actually. But if I could just suddenly go to visit somewhere, it would be... I don't even know because I'm going to visit London so soon anyway!
Celebrity crush? 
- Orlando Bloom. My ultimate celebrity crush since I don't even remember
If you could choose one movie to play major part in, what would it be?
- I have no idea actually :D Probably some epic action movie, with a little romance.
If you could suddenly learn any language, what would you like it to be?
- I would like to learn either Russian or German - most probably Russian because I think German would be easier one to learn just by studying. Also Spanish could be nice, but that's again something I could learn pretty easily if I wanted to.
Would you leave for an exchange year if you were offered a place?
- I would, as I really wanted to become an exchange student but the circumstances didn't allow me to do it.
If you strangle a smurf, what color it will turn?
- I have no idea :D Probably still blue? 

What do you want to study?
- I am not totally sure yet, but might be so that next I'll go to study business in some university.
What is it like to study in IB?
Exhausting but awesome! I actually wrote a post about studying in IB :)
Are you interested in to study/work abroad?
- Definitely! I'm quite sure that my next school isn't in Finland.

About the language and other thoughts

My blog has been quite silent for a while again. I still have a lot of things to be posted - once I have time and energy. But don't worry, I won't be silent again as I have a couple of posts ready already! However, today I'm not here to talk about how often do I post, but in which language should I be posting. Let's still first take a quick peek at what's been up last weeks!
Shirt - H&M, Top - Primark
Jeans - Gina Tricot, Shoes - Primark
Lately, I've been going to school, planning my future and the usual stuff. These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago and now I finally got them edited and uploaded here. Those jeans I love, I bought them from Gina Tricot in the summer and they've been in use in daily bases. I also own a black-and-white version of those and I don't know which ones I like the best. Everything in my life is totally fine if we don't count the fact that I gained at least ten pounds during the weekend - my dad got a birthday and we ate better than well... anyways I'm doing okay and hopefully after the deadline of business' internal assessment I'll be able to post more again!
And now I think it's time to talk about the topic I wanted to talk about. The language. This blog started as a blog written in English. At some point I wrote a few posts in both Finnish and English. Now I've been blogging only in English and it feels natural. I have another, nail-art-related blog, in Finnish, but now I've started wondering whether I should start writing this one also in Finnish or not.
The thought isn't too appealing. English is a huge part of my life at the moment and it seems to be the best language for me to write. However I know that in Finnish my writing skills are better, I'm able to produce interesting, clear and nice text all over. Finnish still is my one and only mother tongue despite the fact that I'm bilingual and capable of doing this in English. The thing that really makes me wonder to change the language is the audience of mine. Who is reading this blog? Mainly Finns. Finns who understand Finnish perfectly. And if I'm writing about the IB, applying universities abroad and travelling, I'm writing from a point of view of a Finn. Who could be interested? Another Finn.
This had lead me into a point where I think, I should give a say to you. I'm quite sure that I am going to start adding translations in the end of each post, but what do you think? Should I start an operation of transferring my blog totally into Finnish? Or should I include both languages or just keep the main focus in another and add small translations to each post? The stage, or the comment box, is yours. 

 Hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did and see you soon!

Wanderlust - travel planning 2015

I was planning to write something else instead of this topic, but ended up thinking this over and over again. Wanderlust. Lately I've found myself scrolling through cheap flights. I've read too many posts about travelling. I've been wondering where I would like to go, which places in Europe interest me the most at the moment. I've been thinking with whom should I travel.
Germany 2013
I've been thinking maybe I should just go to London and see Nightwish in Wembley. Or maybe I should ask my boyfriend should we visit his relatives in Germany. Or maybe we should go to Norway again with my best friend, to see her grandma. Should I buy flights to England and visit my cousin shortly? How about couch surfing and a totally new country? How about travelling with my sister? Or my mother and my godmother - they used to travel together when they were young. What if I just decided to go somewhere all by myself?
England 2013
These thoughts have been my everyday life for a couple of years now, but lately they've been pretty much all I can think. Everything that I do or think is somehow related to my longing to fly, far far away. I would like to go now. Live and let live.
Germany 2013
Okay, I know. I have IB, the last year. I have to go through this first, then I'll be free. I've been making research on universities abroad. It's something that I have to do sooner or later. First applications can be sent in just three, maximum four, months. I won't be in Finland in a year, most probably I am not going to apply here.
Cyprus 2015
And what if I won't get in? I've been making a plan B, becoming an au pair. But it's not reality yet, it might be something that I do if I happen not to be studying in uni next autumn. Those two things are something, that I actually could do. But it's not satisfying enough, because I would like to be going now. It would be so easy to make those few clicks and buy flights for me. I would have money, I could do it. But then again I have to save some for the New year in Stockholm and it would make no sense to leave school even for a few days.
London 2013
It's almost annoying. There's so much that I'd like to do, so many places I'd like to see. And still I'm here, sitting on my laptop in my old hometown. My life isn't that bad, I have great friends and I already live almost the way I want to live. I've made so many friends, I have so many connections all over the world and I enjoy studying even if it's killing me. And still there is that something, the feeling that doesn't leave me. I know that once I'm done with the IB I am so totally done with my life here and I'll leave far far away. 

Are you familiar with this feeling?