Happy 18th Birthday to meeee!


So. As you can see already from the heading. It's my birthday! Or it was - yesterday, 5th of April 2015 I turned eighteen. I started my day quite early in the morning (as I don't sleep no longer than eight even in weekends) by making a delicious breakfast with my mother.
Around ten o'clock my best friend came to us and stayed until four. We had mixed lunch/dinner - salmon and potato wedges with some salad. We ate a lot of cake and drank some sparkling wine. My mother had bought it for me and I think it was the fanciest stuff I've ever drank in my life. It has gold in it! But to be honest it wasn't as tasty as some other sparkling wines I've tried. Still it wasn't bad.
Around four we left our home, picked my friend with us and headed to Oulu. We stopped for a break at my godmothers place. It was awesome to see her and her family as it had been too long time again since we last met. After a couple of hours of chatting, laughing and eating more cakes and biscuits we continued our trip.
We reached our destination, Nightclub Tähti in Oulu, after ten o'clock. I got in with my passport, that is going to be outdated this summer. It's the old kind of passport that's legal for ten long years. You can imagine me showing a picture of seven-years-old-me to the bouncer...
Then some waiting and the main point of the whole journey. Apulanta ♥ We both, me and Anna, like Apulanta's music a lot and even though club is not the best environment to get everything out of the music, the feeling was great. Place was quite nice, there weren't anyone truly disgusting trying to pick up us (even though the pic-up line of one fifty-something-drunk-man was "hey you two are beautiful, I have daughters around same age with you ;););)". I'm really truly sorry, but that doesn't make me want to get to know you...)
Apulanta itself had a great show and played some of my favourite songs even I was left missing Aggressio to be played. But at least I have a valid reason to go to listen them again! So, overall. First day as an adult well spent. Not a bad way to celebrate my birthday at all and I had such a great time!

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6 kommenttia

  1. Hurjasti onnea täysi-ikäiselle! :-) Oi, Apulanta! Mä en oo valitettavasti päässyt ikinä niiden keikalle, mutta muuten oon kyllä kuunnellut paljon niiden musiikkia! :-)

  2. Kiitosta! Apulanta oli kyllä kova livenä - haluan vielä joku kerta käydä kuuntelemassa musiikillisesti paremmassa ympäristössä! :)

  3. Late birthday wishes for you!:)

  4. Oi että, onnittelut täysi-ikäistymisestä! Synttäripäiväsikin kuulosti varsin mukavalta, hieno juttu :)

    1. Kiitoksia! Oli tosissaankin mukava päivä :)