K18 - finally being an adult


Written 14.4.2015
Okay, I admit it. The title is a bit misleading, but I wanted to talk to you guys about my feelings related to becoming an adult. I turned eighteen in the beginning of April. And I don't feel like it. I don't feel more responsible, grown up or smarter. I am not an adult. But in the eyes of law I am, and it kinda is awesome in a way.
I am now allowed to drive a car, as I got my driver's license. And I've been driving around a lot during this first week, it's just awesome. I visited the bank and got my passwords and stuff so I'll be able to do online shopping and I have my bank accounts all by myself. Previously my parents took care of them. These two are the main things that I am happy about being legally adult. Another thing related to shopping online is booking flights. And travelling. As I can book flights all by myself, I won't miss those excellent offers (I have missed some really cheap flights and it's annoying) and I can travel wherever I want whenever I want. And alone if I wish so. This whole world of travelling is the most fascinating part, really.
Then I could also mention alcohol. I am not a huge consumer of it, but sometimes it's nice to open a bottle of sparkling wine with your friends. Now I'm allowed to do it. And if not alcohol itself, then bars and clubs and stuff - they're all forbidden from underage people. My birthday was phenomenal and as quite a few of gigs, festivals and other music related things are for people eighteen and over it's cool that I don't have to mind things like that anymore.
But besides these things mentioned above, my life hasn't changed anyhow.  I'm still the same old me - stupid, childish and irresponsible in some cases. But I'm 18 and it gives some more freedom. Let's see do I start feeling more like a grown up during this first year of adulthood!

So here you go, shortly a few thoughts of mine about growing up. Does any of you have your 18th birthday this year? And those a bit older - how did you feel in your first year of adulthood? The stage is yours, let me hear what's in your mind related to the topic!

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4 kommenttia

  1. Samoja tuntemuksia, kun täytin 18 helmikuussa! Itse syntymäpäivä oli kyllä ihana, kun pääsi istuskelemaan baareihin kavereiden kanssa ja näin, mutta eipä tuo ole elämää muuttanut paljoakaan. Tuskin maltan kanssa oottaa, että pääsen tekemään jonku reissun ihan yksin ja nythän se onkin mahdollista niin kuin sanoit:))

    1. Niimpä, kyllä tässä itselläkin tuo reissukuume pukkaa niin vakavana päälle, että kai se on joskus lähiaikoina se ihan yksin tehty reissu toteutettava - suunnitelmathan mulla jo melkeen olikin! :D

  2. Tosi kivan oloinen blogi sulla :) ulkoasusta tykkään! oon huono englannissa niin tekstistä en paljon ymmärtäny :D

    1. Kiitoksia! :) Siinähän sitä lukiessa englantiakin oppii :D