Today I realized that there's only a bit over a month to go and it's summertime. Holiday. Travelling. Sun. Working. (And writing EE but let's not talk about that one now). And I noticed, that I should start calculating my budget for my trips.
Last year, when I was travelling in Norway and in England with my best friend I used 315 euros in total - the sum should be really close to my realistic expend even there's always some little mistakes as it's really hard to keep on track everything you've been buying when you travel. Especially if you travel with someone that you basically share everything with. We tried to buy e.g. foods pretty equally and so on, if another one of us bought shorts for both of us another one bought the next meal. But yeah, anyway it's the sum that I used (excluding the flights and train tickets in Finland).
I always live and travel with quite small budget and if we divide that 300 euros for three weeks, it's about 100 euros per week. (And I did a lot of shopping!) With that same formula we could think I will need 400 euros in England and in Germany this year. And that actually is the money I will have. At the moment I have savings of 200€, I can save 100€ during April and May and my monthly allowance is 125€ (that I'll get when we're in England). So sum of those is 425 euros.
(At the moment 1£ = 1,4€)
And how will I spend that money? We're staying in England for 4 whole days + Saturday morning. We're planning to visit a day in London - that's the one day travel card. We don't really know yet what exactly we're going to do there, so it might be that we don't need travel cards but just cheaper return tickets.Other travelling includes money, that will be enough to make a trip by bus to some another town nearby. Food part then includes one meal in a pub (15£) some snack, or coffee in a cafeteria (10£) and then those foods we're buying from supermarket, drinks etc. (15£). I know we're mostly going to eat home so the food costs won't be that high. Shopping includes everything not-necessary-to-buy-stuff, clothing and so on. I hope that I won't spent more than 150 euros in England.
Germany then was the trickier part to budget. I have visited there ones and I know it's a cheaper country than Finland. The currency is the same. But I don't really know what I will be buying, what are we going to do and how much we will be eating out, buying our food and so on. As the case in both places visited is that we're visiting relatives. That's one reason why it's so hard to know how much money I will actually spend on food.
So yeah, I have to admit that I don't have a budget plan to Germany, but what I will be able to spend is maximum of 250 euros. Or that's the limit that I set, let's see how everything's gonna go. Anyway, at some point after the trip I will count the total costs and tell you how was it, what I spent and to what. Of course I will spend as little as possible and I think the total 400 euros is lot of money for me. But let's see!

And now I have to add a small off-topic. Pound, it's strong at the moment. A couple of years ago it was only 1,2€ and now it's 1,4€ - shopping in England won't be so cheap anymore! :(

How do you plan your trips, in terms of money? Or do you have budget at all? 

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2 kommenttia

  1. Tällasia postauksia on kiva lukee! Yllättävän vähälläkin voi pärjätä reissussa:) En tiennykkään että punnan kurssi on noin vahva nykysin, mitä ihmettä! Muistan ku se oli joskus euron kanssa melkeen tasavertainen :(

    1. Kiva että tykkäsit! Itse oon ihan hulluna kaikkii matkabudejetteihin liittyviin juttuihin :D Joo, niin se vaan on tasasen varmasti tässä viimevuosina vahvistunut. Viime kesänä vielä kerrottiin 1,3 kun euroihin muunsi mut nyt tosiaan saa jo 1,4 käyttää kertoimena :/