It's April Fool's day!


...but I'm not gonna fool you guys.
It's Wednesday, first day of April and the second last day of the fourth test week. This week I've proven myself that parking a car can be a real disaster and that I totally suck at math. Tomorrow's subject is chemistry - at least that's something I feel like I can manage with!
On Monday I had my driving lessons (they're soon over, weird) and after that I wen't to a hairdresser. I ended up dyeing my whole hair and it's lot nicer than it was previously. It's awesome to have just one colour and no roots to be seen, I like this a lot!
The haircut then is a different story. This time the hairdresser just took the driest ends away. If the colour is nice, the cut hasn't truly been pretty for a long time now. But I just have cope with it, if I wan't to fulfill my hair ideas. But that's about hair for this time.
Today the weather was really awesome, and the contrast to the cold, grey and wet beginning of the week it was a great pleasure to wear sunglasses and some other shoes than my winter boots!
Shirt - Lindex, Sweatpants - Newlook
Sunglasses - Newlook, Shoes - borrowed from sister
The next weekend has already quite a few plans, but let's see how everything goes. I'm gonna be eighteen anyway, and it's gonna be awesome. See you soon!

Do you have plans for the Eastern holiday? 

P.s. All the pics taken by my sis! Sorry about spamming so many of them, but I just love the spring-like-feeling they have!

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4 kommenttia

  1. Ihania kevätkuvia täällä! :-) Ja tosi hyvin sopii sulle tuollaiset hiukset!

    1. kiitoksia :) kevätsäästä tosin saatiin näköjään nauttia vaan eilinen, mut saimpahan kuvat!

  2. wau! siun hiusset on ihanan väriset! :O tosi kivoja kuviakin tykkään ite just tommosist ihanan keväisistä otoksista! oot myös tosi kaunis!♥

    1. Voooi kiitos paljon ihanasta kommentista! :)