Hello folk!

One month gone again and it's already April. This beginning of the year has gone so so fast, spring is here and soon it's summer again. And it's time for the third "from my phone"-post. So here's my march!
I practiced the theory part of drivers license, laughed at the theory book of how to drive and had a few driving lessons.
I had riding lessons and competition as well. This month was all over a good month with horse stuff. The weathers started getting warmer and snow started melting away. 
More driving lessons and practicing what to do when it's extremely slippery. It was fun though! And my face when I passed the theory exam.
I got my hair dyed, for the first time since July. And I love it now. Another thing I'm loving is the new Nightwish album Endless forms most beautiful. Pure gold.
I baked some muffins and enjoyed the sunshine.

So that was my March. Just ordinary everyday life, but actually it has been enjoyable lately. Nothing too bad have happened and good mood is continuing!

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2 kommenttia

  1. Oot kyllä ihan hirmu kaunis! Ja kyllä tuollainen muffinssi kelpaisi mullekin :-)