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Written 7.1.2015
I've been always doing something for my whole life and now I decided to share my dearest hobbies with you!
I've been a horse girls since I was something like seven. Ten years. Ten awesome years. I've spent hours and hours in the stables, met epic people and get to know those great creatures better and better. At the moment, I take riding lessons once a week, help with riding of one pony, go training once a month and attempt to small competitions. This hobby is so much more than just a hobby and the only negative side is the costs, so so expensive... The future with horses is quite unclear now, but one way or another they will be always part of my life.
I'm a huge consumer of music, especially a bit heavier music. I listen it all the time from radio, CD's (just love them!), youtube, spotify... I've also been playing something since I was two. That's the age when I got my first kantele and that's the instrument I spent seven, eight years with. Then I was forced to change to piano, and nowadays I'm quite happy that I can play that as well. Then singing. From 1st to 6th grade I was singing in a school's choir and nowadays I sing just by myself for fun - excluding couple of piano lessons, when we've been singing with my sister, our friend and our teacher. Music is an enormous part of my life and I bet I couldn't live without it - or at least living would be much more boring!
This one has also been somehow my hobby through  my whole life. I've done everything from knitting to making Christmas cards and painting. I count here everything from drawing (by hand and with a computer) to sewing my clothes. I like to try out new things and sometimes I have many different project at once, sometimes there might be a pause lasting couple of months when I do totally nothing.
I have loved reading since I learned to read at the age of five (if I'm not totally wrong). Nowadays I'm too lazy or don't have time to read as much as I'd like to, but still I've gone through quite many different books. Writing is then other story - I like writing essays as well as I enjoy writing my blog. Also poetry and stories are familiar. And probably I should mention, that I do these both in Finnish and English - nowadays especially reading English has become so easy for me.
I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Especially baking is something that I like a lot. When I bake, I follow recipes somehow but as I have some clue how everything works, I usually change some things or swap some ingredient to another if I don't have the original one. With cooking I'm pretty much the person, who doesn't really need any instructions - I just do my own mixtures of everything, simple, easy and always tasty.

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  1. Hei hei, sulle olis Liebster award -haaste mun blogissa:--)

    1. Heei kiitoksia, käyn tsekkailemassa! :)

  2. Että noi kudotut luurangot on sööttejä! :3 (kyllä jotkut osaa)

    1. Kiitoksia, itekin tykkään noista tosi paljon! :)