The beginning of winter break



Christmas break, New Year, January, February... Time has flied and now it's March already. I started my winter break on last Friday and the weekend I spent mainly with horses.
On Saturday I had a showjumping  training and on Sunday we had a small competition. Both days were awesome and this kind of succeeding is a great reward of hard work. I just love my hobby, especially when everything goes as smoothly as lately. In the evening of Sunday's we drove to see my godmother and her husband, and they had a cutest little dog ever!
Monday was the first day I was able to sleep as long as I wanted - and still I got up at 7:30. So that's my holiday so far. Besides things mentioned above, I've been baking, reading and writing posts. I started cleaning my room as well, but it's still just half way done.
I'm gonna take it easy, try to do some school stuff - by the way, I got seven from English test (and that's the best grade in the IB marks) - and see some friends. And relax. Even though the time runs faster than ever, I really needed this break as I've been pretty exhausted.

Hopefully those of you that have your holidays now have a great time, and those who have continued with school already got loads of energy during their break!

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