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This week went quickly. The fourth test-week of the year started on Wednesday with English, and Friday we spent with lab work of biology. On Thursday I had a day off and spent the leisure time by having a driving lesson and taking the theory exam. And I passed! One step closer to getting a driving license, in two weeks I'm having the driving test. Exciting!
And then to the shopping part. I do not usually buy anything that's hyped all around the internet, or anywhere. I'm kinda immune for those things. But this time I just couldn't keep myself from buying this lip balm from our local shop that sells all kind of natural stuff including foods and cosmetics. My version of Hurraw! is lime, it just smells so good, looks so nice and is organic and vegan. Not bad at all.
Then the second thing I spent money on, is that wonderful piece of art. Endless Forms Most Beautiful was published on Friday 27th and I was sure that I won't get it in my hands during the weekend. But then unexpected happened, I saw it in supermarket and I was sold. It's just so beautiful in every single way.
And last but not least I (or my mom) bought these jeans. They were 10 euros and as I've been missing a pair of just ordinary jeans I decided to take them. Let's see what I'm going to wear them with. I don't even remember when was the last time I had blue jeans!

Next week is filled with tests and school and two driving lessons on Monday. Hairdresser (last time a hairdresser cut and dyed my hair was 2012, if we don't count the last summer when grandma of my best friends did that) and time spent with a good friend. As well as my eighteenth birthday, wohoo!

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