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As it seems I haven't been posting about my everyday-life for a long time, I decided to change it today! I've been quite happy with those "Blogging from A to Z"-posts as they keep this blog going even though there's nothing happening in my life...
Jacket - Seppälä, Scarf - Secondhand
Handbag - Secondhand, Necklace - from Tallinn

I've been really truly busy, and if not busy then really exhausted. Driving school is going nicely, theory lessons are done for now and on next Thursday I'm going to do the test. Right now I feel pretty confident about that one, but still I need to spend some time practicing. Then I still have a few driving lessons left, my birthday is within two weeks and then I'll have to know how to drive a car.
School then. Today I've actually got things done, but other ways I've been suffering from a huge lack of motivation. I know that I should get things done, I know I should study more and I should try to keep up with my hobbies and stuff. But I'm just too lazy and don't work enough. I just really hope that I will get some more energy now, when the days are lighter and weathers are warmer. And it certainly gets easier when the whole thing with driving lessons is over.
But no more complaining! During this weekend I've been baking and having a good time with my family (besides actually calculating some math and doing BM IA). My boyfriend also visited us (long time no see. Though we see daily in school it seems that we both have so hectic lives that we're not able to manage to see each other outside the school), as well as my aunt.
With my mom we baked our very first macarons and it went pretty nicely. Next time we'll make the filling differently to make it mach with the colour of cookie part - this time we used just Nutella. And add bit more food coloring as they could be more clearly blue.
And I think it's time to say it out loud. I am going to visit Cyprus next summer, on July. It's been unsure how I can manage with all coming and going, but it seems like I can fit everything into my summer and it's gonna be epic. The trip there is a youth exchange project and there's around twenty of us in our group. In Cyprus there will be another bunch of youngsters to get to known with. And I'm pretty excited!

How's your life going?

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