lazy days are over


Hello you!

So, it's Sunday and tomorrow I should head to school again. I've spent my winter break doing nothing. Since the last time I posted what's going on, there hasn't happened pretty much anything. And that's great.
Quite often I find myself having too much to do - this time I decided to take it easy and just relax the whole week. I spent some time with my boyfriend, read, baked and cooked. The "pizzapie" I made one day was actually much tastier than I was expecting it to be.

As sometimes someone has been interested in recipes, here you go! The pie crust had 6dl of flours, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 100 grams of margarine and about 1dl of water. And just simply all mixed together at once. As fillings I had this and that including tomato pureé, onion, textured soy protein (the one that looks like minced meat) cooked with vegetable bouillon cube, pineapple, garlic flavored prawns and cheese.  + some seasoning. And it was delicious.
Today we ate some Chinese food with my family and I actually managed to do something as I found more about universities and studying abroad. Now I've gone through Finland, Sweden and Scotland and I'm getting desperate as there's so many places to go and so much to do in the world. I know that I'm pretty early on with these, but the fact is that I might be applying to some universities already in the end of this year and I don't wanna have a last-minute-panic...
But anyway, nothing else today. I'm happy and well rest, ready to go to school and start doing stuff again. My birthday and drivers license are getting closer - next test week as well. I have to start seriously studying again. See ya!

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