Future plans


Written 7.1.2015
My future plans. My goals. My dreams. I've already I talked about my dreams. I really truly hope, that my future will be at least somehow related to them.
Short-term plans 
in a one and half a year from now on
My main short-term plan is to graduate from IB. To get nice diploma and grades I can be happy with. To write a good extended essay and do my CAS well enough. Besides this main goal I'm working with, I have other plans as well. One is to get some place to get some experience of the working life and besides the experience a bit money for myself. I'd like to as well find a better rhythm  with exercising and start getting towards the body I'd like to have.
Longer-term plans
in five years from now on
These plans are then more unclear. Anyhow, I'd like to live abroad in five years and have a place to continue my studies (most probably in English). I'd like to have a  rented apartment on my own or shared with a roommate, or my boyfriend depending on how life goes - pretty much no-one studying with me doesn't know where they're going after IB, so do not I or he. But the dormitory-life, that's something I don't want if I really don't have to. I want to have a temporary job besides studying. Something I at least somehow enjoy. I've been thinking that it would be great to work in a clothing store or in a cafe, or in a horse stable. 
Long-term plans
in ten years from now on
This part then is so far away that the plans are not yet real plans, just outlines of what the future could look like. I think that in ten years I want to have a nice profession and a job, that corresponds to my knowledge. As I have a job, I might have an own apartment or at least I'm planning to get one. At this point I should have enough money to travel a bit. I have no clue where I would live, back in Finland or in a totally new place - nobody knows - but I will (hopefully) be in a situation that I can have pets. A dog and a couple of cats, maybe a horse, probably something else as well. Nice, comfy life and probably the time to think about children and stuff - if I want to. 

 P.s. The pics are really loosely related to the topic and they're from the trip to England on 2013!

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  1. Sori kommentoin suomeksi, mun englanti ei oo mitään huippuluokkaa. :D

    Mutta siis, sun ulkoasu on ihan upea. Tosi erilainen, ei massaa, omannäköinen, simppeli mutta söpö. Ja sulla on hienoja kuvia! Oot muuten ihan supernätti. ♥

    1. Hei ihan superpaljon kiitoksia! positiiviset kommentit saa aina hyvälle mielelle :)

  2. Tulin arvostelemaan!

    Ensiksi tosi kiva että kirjoitetaan myös englanniksi. On kiva lukea välillä toisella kielellä blogeja. Ulkoasu on ihan kiva. Bannerista tykkään, mutta sivupalkki on omaan makuun vähän liian leveä. Sivupalkki on melkein tämän postauskohdan kokoinen ja ei sillälailla tuo niin siistiä kuvaa. Muuten blogin ulkoasu on mukavan simppeli eikä ole yritetty laittaa liikaa mitään tuherrusta sinne sun tänne. Kuvat ovat musta hyvän kokoisia ja blogi ei ole muutenkaan mitään massaa. Tykkään :)

    1. Kiitoksia arvostelusta, kritiikistä voi aina oppia ja ilman sitä ei voi kehittyä mihinkään! :)