Written 7.1.2015
I have a dream. -Martin Luther King

Even if my dreams weren't something like Martin Luther King's dreams were, I'd like to share them with you this time.

♦ I want to write a book
♦ I want to have a nice, super-modern house
♦ ...on a countryside so I could have a horse or two
♦ ...and a dog and couple of cats
♦ I want to visit every continent
♦ I want to travel the whole world
♦ I want to live abroad
♦ I want to study and get a profession that I love
♦ I want to get rich - every single way that it's possible
♦ I want to loose control and let the flow bring me somewhere
♦ I want to have a job that I love
♦ I want to make a difference
♦ I want to write a song
♦ I want to be free
♦ I want to live the life I love
♦ I want to be totally happy with myself, love myself
♦ I want to run to the blue ocean
♦ I want to learn at least a one more language fluently
♦ I want to be eighty, look back and be happy

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