We've been living March for a while already and I noticed that I haven't shared the pics from previous month. The phone is still the same old one, as I have been really lazy to take the "new" phone in use. Or probably it's because this one has been with me since 2012 and it's just so cute and small and nice and stuff... I shouldn't have this much emotions towards a phone, but anyways. 
In February I spent time in the stables. We had loads of fun in school and I learned some new about the Russian culture through Maslenitsa and came to a conclusion, that my friends in the dorm are really truly weird. (As an explanation; people that I'm talking about don't speak Finnish. They just know some random words such "saatana" or "Jumalan terve" and it's hilarious. Really. You should just hear them...)
I've spent time with The Hunger Games as it's the book we're going through in English at the moment. Also library and those huge books of literature have become familiar because of my EE.
I've been industrious with my driving school. I've drunk lot of coffee, tried to learn the theory parts and haven't still killed anyone. I actually use the breaks too hard - if I'm in a crossing and the one who's giving the way and I see an other car I literally jump on a pedal and stop the car too suddenly. That's my biggest problem - other ways I think I'm quite good driver.
And then I've enjoyed the first sunny days of the spring, made some tasty pizza and read some more.

So that was my dull and ordinary February. How was yours? 

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2 kommenttia

  1. Sulla on kivoja arkipäiväisiä kuvia, ei mitään sellasta liiallista laittautumista tai sellasten kuvien välttämistä missei ole kiloa meikkiä ja hienoja vaatteita päällä! :D Englanniksi kirjoittamisesta myös paljon plussaa! Kuitenkin jotenkin vähän sottanen olemus, mutta toisaalta se tuo sellasta kivaa maanläheisyyttä. Hmmmm toista en keksi D: Ehkä voisit laittaa jonkun taustakuvan tai vaihtaa valkosesta johonkin muuhun väriin.

    T. remains of today