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Written 23.1.2015
It's Friday. I'm sitting in our classroom, on our sofa that was bought with a pack of coffee and some chocolate. Others are having either physics or psychology, I'm having a skip and just hanging here. School's laptop is okay, music is great and I'm just too lazy to start doing something useful instead of writing this post.
This week has been really cold one, today it was -24 degrees when I left home after nine o'clock. Yesterday friend of mine happened to come to school and back by car and I got a lift. Today I came by bike and it wasn't as bad as I thought! But still I think I'm gonna spend afternoon in school instead of biking back home around three and coming back around six (when the bus arrives) to meet my cousin's daughter who's visiting us over the weekend. 
Next week is gonna be hopefully a bit warmer - the third test week of the year is starting on Monday as well. If I counted correctly, I have only three tests - English, Finnish and chemistry. Seems to be easy, but I have only one day off as for example in biology we're doing labs and three afternoons are booked for G4 project - the group work done with other science students. 
Other ways the life is as normal as always - my boyfriend has been exchanging emails with the place we're going to go to work next summer. I'm so excited about this, flights booked and it's sure that there's a job. The returning flight should still be bought, but it can wait until the working weeks and days are decided conclusively. So nothing else for this time, just a short "how life is going"-post today!
ps. All pics © Mattis excluding the first one!
pps. I got to publish this on Saturday, hopefully the talk about Friday didn't confuse you too much...

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