Throwback Thursday; New Forest


As I've been visiting England several times, I've seen more than just London. One of the best places I've been, is New Forest. (Actually I've visited there three times!) It's an area in southern England, that is known as well as a National Park. For me as a horse girl it's been worth for visiting, as there's the population of freely living new forest ponies. 
(That's what I looked like something like two or three years ago...)
The place is great, as it differs from other parts of England I've seen. It's an awesome mixture of old, beautiful buildings, expensive lifestyle (as there's loads of houses, that are definitely owned by wealthier people, and nice cars as well) and nature. Besides ponies, there are also cows, donkeys and pigs (even though I've never seen pigs myself)  wandering around by themselves. And all of those animals are totally okay with cars, people respect them and everything seems to work well.
And for someone, who's not so interested into horses, there's lot to see and do also. Small, nice villages are beautiful. One of my favourites is Burley, even if it's not really tiny one. They have a certain theme going on there - witches and witchcraft everywhere and it's adorable! And in Burley, there's a pub called The Queen's Head - the best fish and chips that I've ever had. 
If you decide to go to New Forest, you should plan in at least a one whole day for your visit. It takes a couple of hours to get there by car (if there's no huge traffic jams in your way...)  from the London area and as it's located on the southern side of England, it's really easy to continue your journey to the coast.  
I've had mainly positive experiences of New Forest and I would suggest it to anyone, who wants to see something else than London! Great and unique place to visit for sure. 

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  1. Tuntuu hassulta kommentoida suomeks kun teksti on englanniksi, mutta joka tapauksessa näyttää hienolta paikalta! :)

    1. Jep, hieno paikka se onkin! :)

  2. ihanan näköistä! :) Olis kyllä ihanaa asua jossain päin englantia joskus :3

    1. Totta, se kyllä tosi ihana paikka :)