What I got for Christmas?


I admit, I'm a bit late with this post as Christmas was already over a week ago... Yesterday I still decided to take pics of what I got to share them with you - I wished nothing, but got lots of presents. Still everything was pretty useful, only a small, wooden Christmas gnome was nothing I really could use (but it's actually kinda cute). And by the way I forgot to take a pic of it... But here we go!
 From my parents I got this toothbrush, my old one has been broken since... I don't even remember, but months already. Something I really needed even though I didn't expect to get it!
 Some kitchen stuff - I fell in love with that garlic crusher last summer and now my cousin had bought it for me! The apple slicer is something that I have admired for a long time as well and my boyfriend bought it for me. The nut cracker was as well from my parents and came with a bag of  walnuts. 
 ...and with the garlic crusher I got a cute storage jar for garlic. The bowl is from my aunt and there's some candy inside - Lumi Pantteris are one of my favourites!
 Then some chocolate from England, the second Raskasta joulua-album from my sister (the first one I got last year from her, sometimes my sis is the greatest ever) and leisurewear from my godmother. It's cute, really soft and fits perfectly. And the hedgehog from my boyfriend, probably the best thing I got ♥ Just look at it. It's awesome. 
These Kiroileva Siili-glasses are from my mom.  Something I've wanted for a long long time!
So, I think people know me quite well, as all I got fits totally for me. That's all for this time, I think I should take a look to my books as the school starts on Wednesday. But first I'm gonna go eat, read some blogs and write another post ready. 

What did you get for Christmas? 

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4 kommenttia

  1. Your blog is cool! I like your blog's appearance, it is different in a good way. Your christmas gifts are so nice. :)

  2. vitsit kui ihania joululahjoja!:)

    1. itekin tykkäsin tosi paljon! :)