A flu, a test week and a tired blogger.


A week ago, on Friday, my cousin's (who's also my godmother) older daughter came to visit us. It was great to see her, she's almost like a second little sister of mine. But she kinda makes me feel old - I remember when she was born and now she's eleven...  
On Saturday we went to the horse stable with her, my sister and my mom. She likes horses and riding, but doesn't get opportunity to ride too often - so we decided to take her to see Nalle, horse that my sister is taking care of once a week. Nalle is usually then kindest and laziest horse ever, but now when he should have been nice, he wasn't... But everything went still fine and we had good time.
Saturday evening we spent eating everything not so healthy and just spending time together. On Sunday we went to a swimming hall - it's been something like two years since I was there last time. Swimming isn't my thing anymore, even thought I loved to do it when I was younger.
This week has been the third test week of the school year. I have had only English test, Tuesday I had off (but I had to work with my Extended Essay) and still I have loads to do. I should write two chemistry lab reports (another one is almost ready as I wrote it this morning!). I wrote my CAS hours to my CAS diary as well today. I should read to chemistry exam and do something for Finnish oral presentation. 
Yesterday was awful as well - I'm having a flu, but I really had to go to school at 8:15 and stay until 15:30 as we had a Group4 project about sciences. Doing it was actually okay, but the long day didn't help me to get better.
And if that's not enough, I should revise a bit what I've learned this week in the driving school. I started taking theory lessons last Monday (four out of nineteen done already) and I've enjoyed it. I was waiting serious studying and really hard stuff to learn, but everything has been simple and nice so far and people working there are really friendly. 
So, that's about my life lately. Now I really have to go to bed, as I woke up 6:50 today. I would have wanted to sleep longer, but I just couldn't as I felt so bad. Whole body aching and sore throat. But the only way is up, life just can't get more exhausting and hectic anymore. 

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4 kommenttia

  1. Onpa ihana blogi! Huomaa, että olet käyttänyt paljon aikaa ja vaivaa tähän. Itellä tää enkku ei oo kuitenkaa ihan vahvimpia että.... :D

  2. Mä luin tuon kommentin tosi hämmentyneenä. "Täh? Miten englannin kieli liittyy tähän? Kirjoititko jotain englanniksi vai?!" Sitten tajusin... No ei ainakaan ollut englannin lukeminen ongelma, kun luulin koko ajan lukevani suomea. Mutta voi että mulle tuli nälkä tätä lukiessa! :D

    1. hah, tiedän tunteen - se on vähän hämmentävää kun aina ei edes rekisteröi mitä kieltä kuuli tai käytti :D