My year 2014


The past year has been full of everything. Many things have changed, many things have stayed the same. As you all have most probably heard this same stuff over and over again, I'll skip this cliche part and go straight to the last twelve months.
In January I still had red hair (and I'm missing it so much!), we had snow and cold. I studied somehow and spent time in horse stables - just ordinary everyday-life. The climax of the month was most probably the day, when we bought our flights to Oslo, from there to London and back to Helsinki with my best friend. And those three flights were under 150 euros, not bad at all!
In February I spent even more time with horses and found my hiding courage and self-confidence inside me and flew over 100cm obstacle with Vinha and after that whole season has been uphill and I have mostly positive memories. I dyed my hair back to darker, our relationship with my boyfriend became official and I really found Amaranthe among other great music.
In March I visited Oulu and Kuopio, and succeed in show jumping competitions. I think this month was really dull except horse-stuff, at least I don't really find pics, facebook statues or anything. 
In April I had my 17th birthday and we celebrated it with couple of my friends. The first warm days and the first flowers of the year, the first training outside. Our dog got bitten by another dog, met a vet and was just sleeping and getting better for couple of days. 
In May my little sis had her birthday and I baked a cake for her. I tried to get tanned (and spent quite many afternoons in our backyard) and the good mood with horses continued. Reading, sun, last push with school and then the long waited holiday.
June. Holiday. Babysitting my cousins two girls for a week, my sister's confirmation party. Visit to Rovaniemi with my family. Countdown to the journey of the year, finally packing and getting ready to leave Finland for over three weeks. 
THE July. Absolutely the high point of my year. Norway 1.-13.7 and England 13.-23.7, back in Finland on 24th even if the train-trip was awful - I could actually share it.

We started our way back home in the afternoon of 23rd when we left the house of my cousins and her husbands. To the airport, flight to Finland and around the midnight in Finland. Couple of hours of sleep on the seats of Helsinki-Vantaa. To the train-station by bus, waiting train that should have left around five AM. It was late. Some problems with the railway in somewhere - waiting over an hour to get moving again. Missing our next train in Kuopio, so we were told to get off in Pieksämäki - there's absolutely nothing. Waiting the next train, late as well. Getting in and finally going home - the last part of the railway was damaged by thunderstorm, again more minutes spent than should have been spent.  Finally our stop - over four hours late, almost 24 hours on the road, hungry, tired and angry. But home.

Swimming, a lot of sun (and I burned myself for the first time in my life!), quality time with my best friend. Visiting Oslo and London, seeing relatives, eating well (and a lot). Over all experiencing the world and the life as its best.
In August I was forced to go back to school again. Starting the real IB, meeting my awesome class mates again. The "starting school"- party with them.  Seeing one of my dearest friends for the first time for ages. 
In September we got the first snow, that melted away quickly. The first and the last snowman of the year and this winter (so far). Spending time with my sister, as our parents left to England for almost two weeks. 
Baking, taking a lot of pictures as the colours of autumn were great. The prize for the hard work as we really succeed in our horse club's championships with Vinha. The autumn holiday.  
In November we really got snow. Making some good food with my sis, getting roses from the one. A test-week and other ways taking easy with school because of many cancelled lessons. 
December. Starting preparations for Christmas, the independence day and feeling like a real Finn more than before during the year. Taking part to the first Japanese lesson, pushing through the last weeks in school without any motivation. Baking gingerbread and visiting in Rovaniemi. Finally Christmas, relatives from England and many great days with them.

So that's my year 2014. I think now it's time to start the next chapter and the new year. Let's hope that it's gonna be as epic as the previous one was. I want to find a beautiful place to get lost, find myself again somewhere I didn't expected, study, make new friends and live

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  1. - in ENGLISH! suomennos voisi olla mukana, edes pienenä tiivistelmänä, tai sitten toisinpäin!
    + ihastuin tuohan päivämääräpallukkaan ♥ + kivat kuvat!

    1. Kiitokset :) Kokeilin alkuun molemmilla kielillä kirjoittelua, mut ei jotenkin tuntunut luontevalta, mut ehkä vielä joku päivä! :D

  2. Ihania kuvia sun vuodesta! Alkoi tehdä mieli vohveleita hmmm...:D

    1. thaanks! vohvelit on parhautta :D

  3. Olipa kiva postaus sun vuodesta! Ja kuvat on ihania!:) Itsehän en saanut omaa vuottani mahdutettua yhteen postaukseen..Hups.:D