London - sightseeing by foot.


It's time to take at least one more look back to England. Back to London. The city that I absolutely love. The city, that makes me smile everytime. The city that's stunning in the night, seen from the sky. The city that never sleeps, the city that holds millions of people every single day. And the city where it's so easy to get lost in the moment.

I've visited London several times but it doesn't stop amazing me again and again. It is huge, but it has always felt somehow familiar and comfy. It has the feeling of a smaller town, if you just happen to find the correct places. It has worldwide-known buildings, there's certainly everything for a tourist. And if you wish, you can spend a whole day sitting in a park (by which London is filled), watching people passing by and feeling like a real londoner with your soda and crisps.
But anyway - here comes a travelogue from one Friday from the beginning of June. We we're actually planning to find a certain destination to visit, something totally new and unseen. But we eneded up with no real plan, with just return tickets and so with no access to the public transportation. And it was actually quite nice!
We started from the Waterloo, walked by the London Eye and Big Ben. Headed to Buckingham Palace through St. James's Park (and even though I've seen Buckingham Palace a few times, this was a totally new direction for me to arrive there).
From the Palace we headed to Green Park - a park that I can recomment to you. In the real center of everything, but still quite nice place! We sat there, ate and drank a bit and continued our journey through Piccadilly Circus (from where Leicester Square isn't too far away if you wish to see it too) all the way to Covent Garden.
After wandering a while around Covent Garden (and searching toilet with no success), we walked to St. Paul's Cathedral and kept our second snackbreak. And searched  toilets again. For some reason it seems that there are no public toilets in London even though the maps are telling a different story... So we ended up buying something proper to eat from Pret A Manger (again something that I can recomment!) and using their toilets.
From there we headed through City of London to Millenium Bridge and the other side of Thames. For a while we wondered wheter to walk to Tower Bridge, but the clock and our feet decided that it's enough walking for this time and we wandered back to the main railway station by the river Thames. Total of about 10 km travelled by foot.
And it was worth of walking! If you wish to catch a small piece of the spirit of London, walking is a best way to do it. The atmosphere is something that you have to feel. And to tell the truth - quite often it's quicker to walk a way between two busstops or undergrounds.
So if you have good shoes, a whole day, something to eat and nothing to do - just walk around. It's free, it's simple and you won't regret the day you spent in London!

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.

ps. This post might look like it's a bit overhyped - someone desperately fallen in love talking about the good sides only. But I am. London is the place to be for me, England is where (at least part of) my heart belongs ♥

pps. I really am sorry that the posts are running really late. I've just have had so much to do (and I have so much to talk about once I have a bit more time!) and the slow internetconnection isn't helping too much. When it takes two or three hours to upload the pics for a one single post, you don't really feel like posting anything...

Which destination has made an indelible impression on you? Is there that one place you want to see again and again, that takes your breath away?

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4 kommenttia

  1. I love London too! There is always something to see and places to go and visit but it's also a great place to just sit and relax. I would spend my whole life there if I could. That city has a special place in my heart. :)

    1. I totally agree! London is just something so special and dear to me :)

  2. Ihana postaus Lontoosta! Voi miten onkaan ikävä Englantiin, haluisin päästä käymään siellä taas lähiaikoina! Parhaita nuo kyltit joita oot bongannu :-D hahah

    1. Kiitoksia! Mulla on aina ikävä Englantiin, joten samaa mieltä ollaan - oispa kiva taas käydä siellä hah! :D