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I just decided to say a quick hi, as I've been nothing but busy, traveling, with no internet access (or with a poor one) or just too tired to write anything. I travelled back to Finland on Tuesday 7th and now I'm in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport again. These couple of days I spent recovering in my godmother's place, ate a lot good food and spent time with their cute dog.

Now I'm going to catch some hours of sleep before I have to meet others at three o'clock in the morning... I'm staying in GLO hotel airport - a bit more expensive one, but at least the room is nice and it takes about one minute to be in the main hall of Terminal 2. I can recommend this if you're having a really early flight and you're also ready to pay a bit. Usually I'm not, but this time my mom is with me and decided that she really needs to sleep well before driving all the way back to north.

I'm sorry again for not posting anything, but once I'm back home I'll be able to talk about travelling for a long long time. 1500 pictures only in my camera from the trip in England and Germany. I totally have material! So see you then!

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