Larnaca and the first impression of Cyprus


All we need is somebody to lean on. 

On Saturday 11th of July we started our trip early in the morning, walked through the airport of Frankfurt to get to our connecting flight and arrived in the afternoon to one of the cities of the country visited by 2 million tourists each year. Cyprus. 

The view from the plane was promising, the airport was nice and air-conditioned. The company was great and we were all excited. We found our way out and the first thing we noticed was the heat. It. Was. Hot. The hot air was like a wall you faced when you walked out of the cool building. We climbed to our bus all sweating and wondering how it can be even true. It felt really warm even for me even though I had been in Germany which also had the weathers with temperature of 30-40 degrees... 
By bus we went to the city center, ate pizza and had some time to walk around. The first thing I had in my mind was that Cyprus isn't a beautiful country. Everyone else was pretty exited of the views and the nature and told all the time how amazing it was. Yeah, it was different, but not beautiful for me. I still don't think beautiful is the correct word to describe Cyprus. 

However during the week I started to like the landscape more and more. And the atmosphere, the people. All kind and nice and polite, speaking good English and being friendly. The Cypriots are similar to their country. The very first impression might be that they want to be on their own, not so easy to get along and a bit cocky even. But it all vanishes in a second. They actually are awesome! 
And if talking more about the first impression. Not a beautiful country, but a bare and stark country. It's so dry, so unfinished, so raw that it starts to amaze you. The more you see, the more you like it. It might be beautiful, but not in usual form of beauty. 

And what becomes to Larnaca. We had only those couple of hours there, spent mainly eating in Pizza Hut (not a bad place, but I prefer eating something else than pizza in such a warm weather). I also visited one nice, small, local shop and bought an adapter (really cheap one. 2,75€!). The old lady was speaking English well and was really helpful - the good first impression well made. I also tipped my feet into Mediterranean for the first time in my life and thought that those people there have to be crazy because they were seriously doing sports in such heat. 
Larnaca felt like a city for a real tourist. It was okay, it was probably the perfect place for someone who loves to sunbathe and do shopping in a lively city. But it didn't feel the correct place for me, too much tourism. But Cyprus. It's amazing in it all roughness! 

Which place has made you to change your mind during your stay? 

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  1. ouuu snäp nyt iski kateus! Tahdon sun matkalaukkuun :-D

    1. Hah, matkalaukku on tänä vuonna tosiaan kulenut paikkaan jos toiseenkin! :D