A day trip to Guildford


Okay, here I am again! We had quite a few problems with the internet, but now it's working nicely enough so I am finally able to publish this post. So today we're going to take a look to Guildford. On Wednesday we took a bus from Woking and headed to the university town next to it. I've visited Guildford a couple of times before and it's a nice city I have to say.
Traditional English landscape can be seen, old buildings next to new ones. A relatively big place with a feeling of a small town. Nice shopping possibilities and simple city structure. You won't get lost even though you'd just walk around aimlessly. And it's not too far away from London! I advise anyone visiting London to make a short trip to some smaller city around. There's a lot to see outside the city as well. Even though London still is the most awesome city I've been and it has a whole load of things to do and see, you won't see what it's like in England if you just stay in London. 
So yeah, back to the business. In Guildford, we didn't really shop that much (even though I heard that I spent over an hour in Primark again... But it's bigger than the one in Woking!). We took a look at the shopping center, then just walked around the rest of the day before heading back home. 
As said above, Guildford is a beautiful city in my opinion. If you climb up to the hill, you can see quite a nice view over the town center and all to way to more countryside area. We also walked to the ruins of a castle of Guildford. I find the castle and the gardens pretty as well!
So there's nothing much to tell anymore, basically we just did a small sightseeing around and enjoyed the nice, sunny weather. Let the pics talk! And really. Anyone visiting London or Surrey area, I recommend you to give Guildford a chance. It really is a nice place to go!

I have materials for a post from London, or then I could tell a bit about the first week in Germany. What would be more interesting? How's your summer going?

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  1. Mulla on aika heikko englanti osan ymmärrän hyvin ja osan en .. Muuten tosi kiva postaus ja kivasti kuvailtu nähtävyyksiä :)


    1. Siitähän se paranee harjoittelemalla! Ja kiitoksia, kiva että tykkäsit :)