Throwback Thursday; England 2013


Hey folk!

I decided immediately after creating this blog, that I'm gonna have "throwback Thursdays".  At least I have something to tell and share with you for a couple of months! And now when I'm not home, you have something to read. At the beginning I start with trips to abroad, first stop England, summer 2013.
We left Finland on 7th of July, me and my best friend Katti. This trip was the first one which I made "alone", no parents or anyone grown up looking after us during the flights and so on. My cousin has lived in England already a decade and the country has became quite familiar to me. This was my fourth time over there!

Out ten-days-trip included a lot of shopping in Woking (the town in which we stayed in my cousin's and her husbands place), couple days in London, visiting the New Forest and the coast. London and the most usual tourist places are already seen for me, but we made a little walk around there because it was Katti's first time in England. We also visited in The London Dungeon. 
There was an amazing weather trough our visit! It was so so hot, sun was shining almost all the time and it rained probably once and not even much. We spent few afternoons in a nice park in Woking and were able to swim in the sea. Felt almost like being in beach vacation in some freaking hot country!

I'm totally in love with England, there's just something which makes me feel like this is the place to be. I can't help but love those little, narrow and curvy countryside roads, London with all those millions of so different people and those small and cosy pubs with the nicest spirit ever.
After ten, wonderful days we flew back to Finland. We had a stop in the Stockholm Arlanda and that's not the one of my favorite airports.. But in the end, our trip was great and I got so many memories. Can't wait to get going with Katti again this July!

So, that's it. The first Throwback Thursday. See you later on!

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