Throwback Thursday; Bulgaria 2006


Time for the second Throwback Thursday! Right now, when this post is coming out, I'm in England and having (hopefully) a great time. You'll hear more about that later, I wish a great holiday for all of you too!

But back to the business. So, today I'm gonna tell you a little bit about a trip of mine and my family to Bulgaria. I was 9 years old back then and it was my first (and so far last) real "beach holiday". We stayed for a week in Albena, which is all about tourism. Our hotel was nice, not the best one, but still amazing from my point of view. We also visited Sofia which is the capital of Bulgaria. I remember that the weather was quite okay, couple of days it was windy and raining, we weren't allowed to swim in the sea and roads were full of water. But then on the other hand, there was few great days and at least the pool of the hotel was always available. Here's couple of pics.
If haven't tell yet, there's my little sis :)

I liked Bulgaria, of course it was nice for the little girl to get somewhere warm with the sea and beaches and so on. But I enjoy more other types of holidays than laying in the beach.. It was also my second time in the airplane and my first longer flight - before I had flew only once inside Finland.

But yeah, that's it. See you soon!

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