Throwback Thursday; Strasbourg 2013


When this post is coming out, I'm coming back home. I can promise that I'm gonna write so many posts about Norway and England! Hopefully you can handle it..

In the end of last November I left Finland and flew to the Munich with 23 other students from my school and couple of teachers. We spent in Germany few days and then went to the Strasbourg, France, by bus. I was there 1.-3.12, so the time wasn't too long.
The idea which I got about France was that people over there don't speak or don't want to speak English. Those who are willing to speak are really friendly and helpful, even if the language skills are not so strong. For example we tried to find macarons one night and run trough the center and in the end asked help. A one lady in some cafe was so kind, that she told us where to go, even draw a map for us.
Tuesday was the day to spent in the European Parliament. There were around 500 students from all different EU-countries and we had some discussions and got more familiar with whole EU-thing. The building was big and quite impressive, day there was of course an unique opportunity.
The country didn't get me so interested, it was okay, but not my favorite places. I'm still hoping to travel to Paris one day, because for European it's like a "have to see"-place. The "City of Love", I would like to see that. But other ways, I'm not interested to visit France again. Or probably I should go some another place, I know that my trip was only couple of days and I saw pretty much nothing. Probably third time tells the truth? Have to find out!

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