Friday was the last school day - weird that I'm not gonna see those awesome  people in over two weeks. But anyway it's great to have holiday, even if I have a lot to do for school. But for now I'm just gonna relax and enjoy for a couple of days.
On Saturday I had a training (which went nicely - I'm getting familiar with the horse I'm riding at the moment and can't wait to see where do we get during the spring!) and after that I went to visit my boyfriend. Sleeping long and spending lazy days, couldn't be better. 
Shirt - Lindex, Jeans - Seppälä
Shoes - ParkWest, Beanie - Primark
Mittens - knitted by my sis, Necklace - from Tallinn 
Yesterday I came home and now it's been all about doing the last preparations for Christmas. Today I spent baking, shopping the last presents and in the afternoon we had time to take these pics with my sis. Even if it was daytime pics came out to be quite dark - please don't mind about the sad quality. And what comes to the darkness, the worst is over now and we're getting towards the light days, yey!
Also today my cousin came to us from England with her husband, and my aunt as well, and they're gonna spend these Christmas days over here. So everything is better than well at the moment! It's great to be happy. 

So, merry Christmas to all of you! 

ps. As you see, we got a snowy winter ♥ (..and besides it -20 degrees)

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2 kommenttia

  1. Voiei miten suloinen piposi onkaan :D Nuo kengät ovat kuitenkin ehdottomasti lempparini asusta, IHANAT!

    1. hah kiitos! :D Jep, itsehän oon ihan rakastunut noihin kenkuleihin :)