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This post was writen on Thursday, 28th of May, but I forgot to publish it...
It's Thursday and today was my last school day for this year. I passed all my subjects and I'll be promoted to IB2. I still have some things to do during the summer (and actually I realized that I have to go to school tomorrow and print out my BM questionnaires...), but now I'm just going to enjoy the warmth and do nothing. In two weeks I'll be in England!
But let's still go back to the last weekend. On Friday my boyfriend came to visit us, I cooked some nice vegetarian food. As sometimes you've been asking the recipes I'm going to share this one with you. Basically you need some vegetables (e.g. pepper, onion, garlic, courgette, broccoli, cauliflower , tomato, carrot... What ever you like!) and then you just simple dice and cook them with some oil and quite low heat (as at least I wanted them to be medium). Once the vegetables are pretty much ready, just add sweet-and-sour sauce.
Then a bit trickier part that still is really simple (this could be done while the vegetables are slowly cooking). You need eggs, glass-noodles and green onion.  For five people I used seven eggs, 150g of noodles and four green onions and there were enough leftovers for me for the next Monday. You start by putting the noodles into a bowl, then adding boiling water over them and letting them cook. Then add the eggs into another bowl and whisk them a bit. Once the noodles have cooked, water has been poured out and they've cooled down a bit, cut them into smaller pieces and add to the same bowl with eggs. Then cut green onions and add them to the mixture, mix and then bake them on a pan as you would do with pancakes or so. Then serve the noodle-pancakes with the vegetables. And it was tasty!
On Saturday evening me and my sis went to see my best friend and met the cutest little thing ever. She was born in the morning and so she wasn't even as old as one day. So, so cute! I've seen quite a few young horses, but this one was totally the youngest one. Just look at it and let her melt your heart ♥
On Sunday me and my little sister visited our cousin and her family, as their younger daughter had her 6th birthday party. It was great to see some relatives and spend time with sis on the road. We also stopped twice to take some pics, here you go!
Cardigan - Primark, Top - H&M
Skirt - H&M, Shoes - my sister's 
Sunglasses - Anttila, Necklace - Finlandia Koru
So nothing else this time. Only one and a half week to go and we're flying to England! I still have things to be posted before I'm leaving, but soon we will be on a travelling mode, yay! And I could also mention, that I finally got a new phone which was totally too expensive, but I just hope I'll be able to use it for years.  So see you next time!

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2 kommenttia

  1. Voi kuinka kiva hame, mäkin tahon tollasen!! :-) ja oi, on varmaan kiva päästä reissuun! Mä en oo ikinä käynyt Ruotsia kauempana, joten kateellisena luen muiden matkajuttuja ja katon matkakuvia :-D

    1. Yks mun lempparihameista ehdottomasti! Harmittaa vaan, kun oisin voinut ottaa koon pienemmän kun tää ei ihan täydellisesti istu, mut näillä mennään. kiva se on silti :) Itsehän oon semmonen, että kaikki irtoava raha ja aika menee ulkomaille reissaamiseen. Sille vaan ei voi mitään kun veri vetää mailmalle :D