Boxing Day


Last days I've spent almost without electronics, playing board games, eating, knitting and by getting some fresh air. It's been such a great Christmas - the greatest thing was that my cousin and her husband were able to spend these five days with us! 
When saying good byes we noticed that I have no plans to go England next year (and I've been visiting there for last three years, and before those visits already twice). Then we started making them immediately - let's see if I am gonna place my feet again on the ground of Britain sooner than I thought! 
Then to these pics. Yesterday our dog had his 10th birthday. We sang to the very confused dog, gave him "cake" and took these pics. Pyry is quite cute, when he wants to, isn't he?  
... and this is how not to take pics of your dog.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Oulu with my boyfriend and his family. I have something to do pretty much on every day now on for the rest of the year - so let's see when I have a second to post something!

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