White isn't my color, or is it?


Last Friday we jumped into the car and headed to Rovaniemi. We spent a comfy weekend over there, it's always as nice place to visit!
Rovaniemi has been one of my favourite places for years already. My father is from there and so we have a few relatives in the area. This time we visited only my grandparents and my cousin who just got a baby a month ago with his wife. And as you know, babies are overly cute! And if that's not enough cuteness, they had also a puppy - cute as well. But that about babies!
On Sunday we drove back home and before leaving we took couple of pics of my "outfit of the day". Those pants - I loved them when I bought them, but did never really use them (luckily my sister has been wearing them diligently, so they weren't a totally useless purchase). 
Then one day I decided to try them on again and now I love them! Unfortunately I didn't realize that they match with the snowy landscape that well. But that's the situation now, probably I'm gonna put them on  at some another day again and take pictures with different background... :D

Jacket - TK Maxx, Jeans - Gina Tricot
Shoes - Primark, Shirt - H&M

Nothing else today - only two days of school left and then two and half weeks of holiday! Awesome. 

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  1. Ihanan yksinkertanen blogin ulkoasu! :) Harmi vaan et oon niin huono englannis, etten tajua täydellisesti kaikkia tekstejä. :D

    1. kiitokset :) no mut hei, siinähän sitä harjaantuu! :D