On Sunday we headed to Oulu with my boyfriend and his family. We saw some relatives of his and stayed over night in a cottage in Nallikari. It was a nice little trip and Oulu is a city that I like.
Monday I spent mostly in shops with Mattis' little sister - we wandered around for couple of hours and sat down for a hot chocolate in Puistokahvila. The ring above I bought from H&M, the silver version of that one is now hers. And how cute they are!
This fox sweater I bought as well from H&M. I wasn't really searching for anything to buy, but as this was only seven euros I gave it a home (after-Xmas sales are great as I'm the worst person to buy anything - everything is too expensive or I don't like it other ways. Sales are pretty much the only option for me to find something besides secondhand stores. Or England, where clothing is mostly cheaper than in Finland.) 
And as the sweater is cute, it's warm as well and I don't really own sweaters so I'm quite happy with my purchase. Now I'm gonna dress up and walk to the town centre to meet one of my friends I haven't seen for ages! More shopping and more sitting in a cafe coming!

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