Happy independence day!


As I mentioned over here (and as most of the people who are reading this are Finns and already knew) it was Finland's independence day on Saturday. As my family has always had certain traditions for that day, this one didn't differ from previous ones too much.
Pretty much after the breakfast we baked first... okay, let's just say joulutorttu of the year.
From six o'clock to eight o'clock in the evening we had two blue-and-white candles at the window. The evening we spent by watching the telecast from the "Presidential palace" and admiring (judging) the dresses.
So as a summary - a pleasant day without rush. And additionally, my aunt came here on Friday first time for a long long time. Couldn't be better! ..if we don't take school on account. I'm totally lost with a chemistry lab report and tomorrows English group oral. 

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