It's been a long time since I last posted - school, the driving school, being social and trying to get some sleep seems to be a hard task. I've been so tired and so frustrated with everything lately, that the blog has been the last thing in my mind. But now I came to share my January through my phone with you!
The very first pic of the year - breakfast at my friend place. Walking from the stables, a suspicious dog.
Japanese lessons and practicing some calligraphy, biology and calculating is the difference significant. The most useless thing to do - measure the lengths of dozens of needles from the south and north sides of the tree...
 Walking from the piano lesson in -30 degrees weather, riding lesson and a sleepy little one.
 ...and more sleeping dog.

The quality of pictures is pretty awful - but there's gonna be a change in that, as I'm most probably taking a new phone in use. As soon as I've saved all the numbers from the old SIM-card as the new phone requires a micro SIM.

But anyway, my January was just as normal as I was expecting it to be. We bought our flights (even though the last one is still missing) and the layout of the blog changed totally. And now it's time to start the second month of the year and it seems like a spring already!

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4 kommenttia

  1. Kivan persoonallinen blogi sulla! :)

  2. Pakko sanoa samaa kuin edellinen kommentoija, että persoonaa tästä blogista löytyy ihan muille jaettavaksi asti :) Mukava lisä, että kirjoitat englanniksi!

    1. Jee, olen onnistunut ainaskin jossain! kiitokset :)