Throwback Thursday; British Museum


As I've been visiting in London several times in my life, and the latest one of those was aimed at the British Museum, I decided to concentrate only for that one.
So. We arrived to Waterloo, took a tube and headed to the underground near by the museum. (My apologizes, I just can't remember the name of the station even if I tried to check maps and everything!)
The museum itself is enormous. It is big - not just big but huge. We didn't went inside through the front doors, but came out from those and I have to say the facade is impressive. As the museum is so big, I'd like to advise anyone who's going there to find out what parts interest you the most and go straight there. There's no sense trying to see everything at once.
We headed to see the mummies. And it was worth it. As we all are interested into the history and there were lots of interesting things to read, we spent quite a long time over there. Then we just went trough some other interesting sections faster and headed out. As we were visiting on Thursday there weren't so many visitors in London scale and it was kinda smooth to move around and there wasn't too much waiting.
And one thing I have to mention is the hotness. It was surely around 50 Celsius inside as it was around 30 Celsius outside. (But 30 felt nice and cool after sweating in the museum..) Air conditioning (if there even is one) helped nothing and at least I was pretty much nothing but dead after we left.. So, if you anyhow can decide - don't go to the British Museum during weekend or during the hottest day of your London visit. I bet that you'll enjoy your tour a lot more, if it's bit cooler and the place is not so crowded. When we had seen enough, we walked all the way to the Waterloo and it actually isn't so long walk! And who doesn't enjoy a walk in London anyway?
So as a conclusion, I recommend the British Museum if you like history and travel with a small budget as I do (as visiting is totally free). If you're able to avoid the most popular visiting times as weekend, and also boiling weathers it's even better :)

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