The actual budget of summer 2015


In the end of April I wrote a post about my budget. I was planning to spend maximum of 400 euros in England and in Germany - I didn't even take the Cyprus trip in consideration at that point. After that I changed my budget a bit and found out that I'll be able to spend maximum of about 500€. But once I actually calculated the total expenses I had used 300,49€.
In England I spent 93,17€, in Germany 192,82€ and in Riga 8,2€. Plus 6,3€ for the bus in Helsinki. In England the biggest investments were shoes (14,99£/21,09€) and return tickets to London (14,6£/24,25€). Then there's some small to eat, but most of the money went for shopping. We didn't really buy anything to eat or so, as we stayed so short time and my cousin was more than willing to pay our living for those four days. Of course we brought some things from Finland for them, but I haven't taken those in consideration in my budget. 

In Germany I spend around 70 euros in cosmetics and so. Sounds like a lot of money, but as the general prices are a lot cheaper there than in Finland I got a lot of stuff with my money. And I don't have to buy pretty much anything in here for a long long time! Then about 30 euros for the things I bought for my family. 35€ or so for food. The rest of the money I used to buy some clothes and stuff like that. Not bad at all. In Riga I bought just bus tickets and some chocolate. 
In case of mine we stayed all the time with relatives. So there was no need for paying of place to stay or for food. If that wasn't the case I wouldn't have been able to travel for such a long time. 

And if talking about the flights still a bit. Below you can see the prices of the flights. 
Total of 267€ doesn't sound bad at all. So all in all, my trip of four weeks including five countries (you'll here more about that later on!) cost 570€. 

And then the trip to Cyprus. I will be posting more about it later on as well, but if keeping it short it was all about a youth exchanged organized by our youth house with funding from EU. So all that was left for me to pay was 100€. In Cyprus I used a bit under 60€ - money went for some food once back in Finland, drinks, one dress, an adapter and very tourist things in the beach. 160€ in total. 
So to conclude, I've used 730€ during the summer. It's a lot of money, but once I start thinking about how much I've seen and how much I've got, it's not bad at all. Traveling is what I want to do and I'm ready to give up other things to get going again and again. I'm not rich, but I'm still making my dreams come true and I think it's possible for anyone - traveling doesn't have to be too expensive thing to do. It's all about saving and putting certain things before others. Do I really want to buy this shirt, or save those 15 euros for something else? Quite often I choose the second option. And this is the result, one of the best summers in my life!

I personally enjoy reading how much money people are actually spending abroad. But are you interested in to read posts related to money later on as well? At this point I can already say for sure that I'm gonna spend my New Year in Stockholm - do you want me to keep you on track about the monetary things with that trip as well? 

Ps. Photos are from our cottage from summer 2012. One place that I really miss as I haven't been travelling in Finland pretty much at all lately!

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