What do I have in my cabin bag?


Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be flying! Now I'm slowly starting to realize that it really is summer. The weather haven't been so nice, so it just feels like ordinary spring weekend, not like the summer. Compared to last spring it's been awful. A year ago we wore shorts and tops in the school for a couple of weeks. Now those kind of warm days have been hiding most of the time. But anyway. Tomorrow I'll be leaving home for two months! Exciting, thrilling, wonderful and a bit sad. I'll miss my best friends birthday and I will miss all the horse-related-things. Summertime is the best time for horses. And at some point I will be missing my family, friends and life here. But in the other hand, travelling is what I really truly wanna do. Going to England is always awesome, I can't wait to get to know Germany better (even though my very first job abroad is making me nervous) and then Cyprus - a totally new place to discover. 

But anyway. My luggage has already gone to Helsinki with my boyfriend and his family as they drove there earlier. I'll be flying there tomorrow and I'll only have a carry-on luggage with me - even though I don't know yet which bag should I take... And I think now it's the perfect time to show you guys what I would recommend to pack into your cabin bag!

1. All the important papers and money. Passport and a copy of it, purse with some cash and cards (including e.g. European Health Insurance Card). I also always print my tickets even though they could be found from the email or so. I still don't trust technology that much. A pen is always needed, and I couldn't live without my calendar.

2. Cosmetics. I always carry my make-up in the hand luggage as I need them at some point of travelling day. Some most important things related to personal hygiene (such as deodorant and toothbrush) travel with me in case my main luggage is left behind. When flying, remember the one litre rule - liquids should fit in to a one litre plastic bag and they should be maximum of 100ml each!

 3. Clothes. I always have socks and clean underwear with me in the cabin bag, quite often also a top or a t-shirt. I like to have woolen stockings with me no matter what time of year it is. They are so easy to put on if I feel cold or if I want to take of my shoes at some point. And now I probably should admit that I didn't plan to take this much stuff, but I totally forgot to pack some of my clothes (that we're drying over night before I gave my bag to my boyfriend) to the main luggage...

4. Entertainment. Phone is of course also one of the most important things, but it also is for entertainment. Charger is needed as well. I usually carry my old MP3 with me, so I don't have to use the battery of phone when listening music. Headphones and diary are also always with me. The memory stick in this case is for school things. This pile is missing a book, as I have a tradition of buying some book from the airport!

5. Small useful things. Tissues, sunglasses, bubble gum, hairbrush. You will certainly need those. I also took some medicine with me as I'm still a bit ill and there's nothing as awful as flying when you have a flue. But I know those pills are working nicely - it was proven last summer when I also had a flue when we left to Norway... I have also used to carrying around a small box containing everything useful (pins, plasters, nailfile, painkillers etc.) and it also goes abroad with me.

I will also take an empty bottle with me so I can fill it with water then in the airport, as well as I will take some snack.

So, there's what I have with me in the hand luggage! As I already explained - some clothing and some cosmetics are needed in case of luggage getting lost or being delayed. I wouldn't like to be in a situation where I have nothing to wear or wash my face with. Of course you can always buy some necessities, but there's no always shops open near by or so. I also take at least one copy of my passport (now I have one in the cabin bag and one in the luggage) as it's the most important document proving that you actually exist. Even though the copy isn't valid really, it's more than nothing. Passport, some money and phone - with those three you can go a long way! 

What are the things you have in your cabin bag? 

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  1. Heippa! Alotin helmikuussa keskustelun demin sivuilla siitä ku kyselin halukkaita alottamaan blogi yhteistyön. Silloin se tais vähän jäädä... Mutta ootko vielä kiinnostunu? En oo ajatellu tuota yhteistyö juttu oikeastaan ollenkaan ja toivon että jos kiinnostuneita löytyy ni voitais yhdessä keksiä siihen liittyviä juttuja :)

    linkki keskusteluu: http://www.demi.fi/keskustelut/blogit/yhteisty%C3%B6h%C3%B6n-haluavia#.VXXGQUaOt-w

    1. Moikka! Mä silloin joskus laitoin sulle sähköpostiakin, mut liekkö jäänyt jonnekin bittiavaruuteen... eli oisin kiinnostunut kyllä edelleen jos porukka kasaan saadaan! :)

  2. Anonymous11 June, 2015

    What job do you have in Germany?

    1. We're working in a relatively small hotel :) At least this week I'll be cleaning the rooms and so on but let's see!

  3. Heippä, laitoin sulle haasteen :) http://vellunsilmin.blogspot.fi/2015/06/haaste.html

    1. Kiitoksia, minäpä kurkkaan! :)