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Written 31.1.2015
I got inspiration for this post from Jenni's blog and decided to make my own version with 10 random facts of me!

1. I'm loud. Especially in Finnish - when I get really exited to explain something, or when I get upset. Sometimes I notice it by myself, but usually someone says to me that my "speaking" is not speaking anymore. But it runs in the family - all women in the mother's side are really noisy.

2. I'm obsessed with nail polishes. I can't remember when was the last time I didn't have any nail polish on my nails. I own dozens and dozens polishes and this and that somehow related to nails. I also update my another blog related to nail art!
3. I'm a night owl. I'm most creative between 22-24 and I'd like to do homework and other stuff then, but I really can't as I'm forced to wake up seven at the latest during the school week.

4. I hate waking up late. Even though I like to do things in the evening, I can't stand it if I sleep longer than until nine o'clock. It feels like the whole day was just wasted and I'm angry at myself.

5. I get frustrated and angry really easily. I really have temperament and sometimes it almost annoys me. People who know me really well utilize this character of mine to tease me.
Just a random pic from autumn 2013.
6. I'm really selective what comes to clothing. I see lots of nice clothes when I'm shopping, but few that I would wear myself. And when I find a nice piece of clothing, the price is the second thing - I'm really not spending lot of money. So according to that; sales and secondhand stores are my best friends!

7. When I was little, we had an aquarium. As it was old and it broke at some point - all the fishes we're saved and transferred to our friends aquarium, but we never had a new one. Now we have a dog and that's all the pets that I've ever had.
8. I talk to myself. When I'm alone I might explain everything I'm doing, or then I talk with my dog. I talk to my laptop (and other electronics) and sometimes I notice when I'm waiting for a bus that I just muttered something random (and hope that no-one else noticed...)

9. My laptop has a personality.  She totally is a bitch. She can be nice if you're nice to her, but when she has a bad day, everyone can feel it. She's really great at annoying me, and we kinda have a dramatic on-off relationship. But in the end we have so many shared memories and she knows me so well, that I can't be mad at her too long.

10. I don't like tea. I've learned to drink coffee and nowadays I enjoy drinking it - especially different lattes are my favourites. And chococcino from the coffee machine in our school! But tea, I just find it a bit disgusting and I don't even know why. 

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2 kommenttia

  1. Haha voin niin samaistua tuohon yheksänteen kohtaan! :-D Kerran jos toisenkin meillä on mennyt sukset ristiin, mutta en vaan voi luopua tästä :-D No okei, ehkä rahakin on hieman syypäänä siihen, mutta kuitenkin.. Tosi kivat hiukset sulla tuossa kuvassa! :-)

    1. Tiedän niin tunteen! :D Hih, kiitoksia! Oon tässä kriiseillyt viime aikoina, kun tekis mieli jotain kivaa väriä hiuksiin, kun tää tän hetken varsin luonnollinen lookki ei oo ihan minuinta minua... Siispä päädyin kaivelemaan vanhoja kuvia ja huokailemaan violetin perään :D