Greetings from Germany!


Hello folks!

I'm sitting in a nice house, in a small village somewhere in the countryside of Baiern. I do apologize the fact that I haven't been posting - it's only because I've been either too tired or too busy. The time in England was so short, that I didn't really even think about opening a laptop and writing something. Now we've been in Germany from Saturday, even though it was Sunday when we were able to go to bed and so on - the flight was delayed a bit and we had to drive an hour from the airport to get here. I planned to write on Sunday, but then it was gone (I slept until 12 o'clock...) and pretty much the same happened with Monday even though we woke up at eight. But anyway, now I'm here and I have a few posts to be published!

I have a lot to be told from England, but I decided just simply start with a post about what I bought. As said, it's cheaper to buy clothes in England than in Finland - at least it used to be. Now pound is quite strong and prices are a bit higher, so it's not so cheap anymore. However Primark still is the cheapest (and most probably also the most unethical) clothing store I've ever been. And shoes are still cheaper in general!
This shirt I bought from Primark - it was only 4 pounds. I love it, and it has been useful already - I didn't take so many shirts actually and it's been quite hot. It's impossible to wear the same top for many days...
These nail polishes I bought from Poundland - 1£ each. In Finland you easily pay over 10 euros of these, and I really truly hope that the one in left works as well - I already tried the white one and it was nice!
The bikini-top is also from Primark, 8£. I've been searching a nice bikini for a while now and I think this one is quite pretty!
And underwear of course. Every time I visit England I buy some, as they totally are cheaper than in Finland. Bra was 2,5£ and panties were 1,7£ each. And I also noticed that lingerie is cheaper also here in Germany than it is back home. Some more shopping scheduled!

I also bought shoes, but I don't have a pic at the moment + the internet is so slow that I have no patience to load it if I took one. So that's it, next time I'll post something maybe more interesting. I have planned to post at least three posts from England, so there's something coming soon.

ps. If you want to follow my journey in real time, check out my instagram!

pps. Sorry if there's some awful mistakes. For some reason English has escaped and been replaced by Finnish and pieces of Swedish and German. I really don't speak the last one, but I've been trying to understand it. At least I know what is to hoover and to get drunk auf Deutsch :D

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