Okay, we've been living May for several days already, but I still decided to publish  this post of my April. So here we go, more bad quality pictures from my phone! ps. even though I already said a few months ago that I'll get a new phone soon I haven't. Now I have an idea which one I would like to buy, but let's see when I can afford that...
The month started with my birthday and it included the very first legal drinks while listening Apulanta with one of my closest friends. Awesome night I have to say!
Then some more partying with my classmates from whom I got that sparkling wine with cute balloons! With my family we ate well, the whole weekend with Easter and my birthday was full of everything tasty. 
I also got my drivers license (almost exactly a month ago), and we did a few small just-driving-around trips. We visited Vuokatin vaara one morning and ate subway - actually I ate subway twice that month and both up there in Vuokatti. Normally I never eat stuff like that.
Some selfie, winter came back and having a good time with my best friend with a cup of tea (which was actually quite okay, even I do not like tea at all). Walking with horses in the night and laughing at our selves as no-one, except horse people, spends the May Day weekend like this.

So that was my April, how was yours?

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4 kommenttia

  1. Tosi kiva blogi!
    Vaikka olikin kuvat puhelimella otettuja,
    niin silti ovat hyviä :) Synttärionnea minultakin, hiukan myöhässä >.< Ja onnea myös tuosta ajoluvan/ajokortin saamisesta! :D
    Jään kyllä ehdottomasti blogin lukijaksi! ^^

    1. Kiitoksia :) Tosi kiva kuulla, että tykkäät ja tervetuloa joukkoon!