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 Written 1.2.2015
The very first "my day" - post and this is just an ordinary day of mine, if I don't have to be in school. This post is from Tuesday 27th of Januray, when I had a day off in the middle of the test week. Let's get started!

07:15 I wake up, get dressed and wash my face.
07:30 Breakfast. This time banana with yogurt.
8:00 I started watching Imaginaerum, because it's related to my extended essay topic.
10:00 Opened my laptop, got a cup of hot chocolate (but cold one!) and started doing some school stuff. Ended up surfing around the mysterious world of the internet and being useless.
11:45 Lunch. This and that from the fridge - potatoes, avocado and salad.
12:00 Filling in a Sudoku, reading through the lyrics of Imaginaerum and trying to find out what kind of research question could be done related to them.
13:00 Watching some TV and playing piano.
 14:30 Going out with Pyry, it was snowing a bit but we survived and the weather was really pleasant other ways.
 15:15 Some snack, more TV and more internet.
15:30 My sister came home, talking with her.
17:00 My parents came, eating and chatting, spending time together.
18:00 Playing more piano and practicing Taikatalvi. Doing this and that, eating supper.
20:00 Taking shower, brushing my teeth. Spending time with my laptop.
22:00 Sleeping time!

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