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I do apologize the title, it's bad. But I just couldn't find a nice topic for this Blogging from A to Z post and so I decided to put these answers for your questions over here! I tried to divide them into few groups so it would be easier to skim this text through and find the ones that might interest you!

And I do apologize also the fact that this post is coming out a few months late... I just totally forgot this for a long long time!

How tall are you?
- A bit less than 160cm
Your natural hair color? 
- Just the ordinary grayish brown. 
Your favourite piece of clothing?
- It's really hard to name just one, but at least my woolen jacket is really nice. 
What does your hair look like? 
Pretty much like this:

Your dream profession at age of ten?
- I think it might have been something like rock-star or professional rider or  something like that, as I think my dream of becoming a vet was found bit later on.
The favourite childhood memory?
- I can't pick one, but summers in our cottage are quite nice and I have great memories of my "best-friends-used-to-bes"

What kind of family do you have? 
- There are my parents and my little sister in my family + our dog. 
Your hobbies?
Riding, reading, cooking, baking, music...
A thing you couldn't manage to live without? 
- Probably my calendar, as I'm totally lost if I can't check what I'm doing and where I'm going tomorrow and next week and next month and so on.. And my laptop takes clearly the second place. 
Have you ever moved from a city to another?
- No I haven't.
Do you have any weird habbits?
I speak a lot to myself and sometimes I catch myself doing it even there's others around. I might sound creepy, huh? But other ways no, I don't think so. 
What kind of music you listen?
- I'm a huge consumer of heavier music. If I listen to radio, it's usually Radio Rock (and just sometimes Suomipop). I love everything from heavy to rock - symphonic metal, powermetal, glamrock, hardrock. But I can listen pretty much everything!

Your favourite food?
- Hard to say just one, but I love salmon in all forms and different fruits and veggies as well.
Do you like to cook?
- One of my favourite things! I love cooking and baking. 

Future dreams?
- Again I've written a post about my dreams!
Your place of dreams to live in? 
- England
What kind of life you'd like to have in ten years?
- I'd like to have a profession, a dog and two cats, nice house somewhere with my small family.
Where would you like to live and why?
- What a hard question! I'd like to see the world as much as possible and live many places, but England or New Zealand are probably my ultimate dreams.
What is your biggest dream? 
- My biggest dreams are related to travelling. Visiting every continent is at least big enough!
Where do you see yourself in five years?
- Hopefully graduating from university pretty soon.
Where do you see yourself in ten years?
- I don't really know, hopefully I have a job and a profession and stuff like that. I've also written a post about my future plans!
Is there anything you'd like to achieve in your life?
There's a lot of things I'd like to achieve. Happiness, profession, good job and my dreams coming true. 

Next summer
What are you waiting for from the next summer?
- I'm awaiting to have a good time, travelling and friends, first summer to be officially an adult. And of course awesome adventures!
What you're going to do during the summer?
- I'm going to visit four countries, see my friends and spend a whole month with my boyfriend in Germany. The left over time that I have I'll spend with horses!


What do you hate?
- I barely hate anything... But I don't really like the way our world is at the moment - human kind is destroying each other and the whole planet.
Your favourite clothing store?
- I don't really have any favourite shops - I buy my clothes from here and there.
Your favourite dog breed?
I don't have one, but for example basenji, pharaoh hound and jack russell terrier are nice breeds. 
Favourite TV-show(s)?
- Ensitreffit alttarilla has been one of my favourites lately. Besides that Glee, McLeod's daughters, Sex and the city and Uusi Päivä are something that I like to watch.
Your favourite animal?
- Hard to name just one, but most probably dog or horse.
 Which season is your favourite and why?
- Hard to say, as I like all of them. Winter is probably my least favourite, but I really can't just pick one. There's anyway so much to do, and it's not depending of the season.
What do you like the most in yourself?
- If we think about the looks, I just looove my nails. And my eyes are quite nice as well. If talking about personality, I like the fact that I have opinions and I'm not afraid to say them out loud.
Your favourite song at the moment?
- Nightwish - Weak Fantasy

Where would you travel, if you could go anywhere now?
- New-Zealand or Australia, or if I should leave right now and come back quite soon I'd visit Iceland.
What would you do, if you won the lottery?
- I'd travel a lot. I would buy myself a car and pay the dept of ours. I'd save some money and give some away for a good purpose. I would put a bit more to horses and train and compete a lot during the next season.
If you'd get 5000 euros and you should use them now, what would you buy?
- A trip for my parents to some really nice place - that would be 3000e. Then I'd buy a laptop - that would take maximum of 1000e. I could use some of the last 1000 euros to buy flights for myself to Spain or Greece or somewhere like this for the next autumn break. With last hundreds I'd buy something nice for my sister and for myself; clothes, books, movies and albums.
Would you like to have an ability to read someones thoughts or become invisible?
- It would be too creepy to read someones mind, so I'd like to have a power to become invisible. It could be useful!
What have made you happy today?
- It's summer!
Have you achieved or done anything that you're really proud of?
- Really hard to say something that I'm really truly proud of, more than just the "usual amount of pride". But lately I've been proud of myself as I learned to play Taikatalvi with piano!
- What is the most embarrassing/tough situation where you have had to perform?
Really difficult one to answer again! I can't remember any specific moment when I've been embarrassed a lot.
If you could live anywhere, where would you live and in what kind of house?
- At the moment I feel like I would go to live in England, most probably in London. Some cool, modern and big flat in the city could be my ultimate dream came true right now.
Who is your role model?
- At least my grandfather was a role model for me. And I think another grandpa plays an important role in my life as well.
Your favourite make-up product?
- I have to name Maybelline New York master precise eyeliner. It's the one I've been using for years, it lasts long and is easy to put on. Just love it!
A place where you feel more comfortable alone than with a group?
- Home.
Where'd you like to be right now?
- I'm quite happy with where I am actually. But if I could just suddenly go to visit somewhere, it would be... I don't even know because I'm going to visit London so soon anyway!
Celebrity crush? 
- Orlando Bloom. My ultimate celebrity crush since I don't even remember
If you could choose one movie to play major part in, what would it be?
- I have no idea actually :D Probably some epic action movie, with a little romance.
If you could suddenly learn any language, what would you like it to be?
- I would like to learn either Russian or German - most probably Russian because I think German would be easier one to learn just by studying. Also Spanish could be nice, but that's again something I could learn pretty easily if I wanted to.
Would you leave for an exchange year if you were offered a place?
- I would, as I really wanted to become an exchange student but the circumstances didn't allow me to do it.
If you strangle a smurf, what color it will turn?
- I have no idea :D Probably still blue? 

What do you want to study?
- I am not totally sure yet, but might be so that next I'll go to study business in some university.
What is it like to study in IB?
Exhausting but awesome! I actually wrote a post about studying in IB :)
Are you interested in to study/work abroad?
- Definitely! I'm quite sure that my next school isn't in Finland.

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