Tanned, tired and back home again!


The heading already tells everything important. I finally am home. (Actually been almost a week already, as publishing this post has been delayed again and again... This has been written on Tuesday 21.7.) I am exhausted and haven't slept for a week. I got really tanned during the week in Cyprus. I met awesome people and created many friendships that hopefully will last for a long long time, forever who knows. I have hundreds of photos that could be shared with you, and so many things to be told.
My computer just decided to not to cooperate with me, so posting isn't that simply at the moment. Once it starts functioning again, I'll be posting everything. A few posts about Germany are coming and so about Cyprus. Maybe something small about England as well, who knows.
But now I just wanted to share the song above with you, tell that I'm alright and going to update my blog once it's possible. And I also wanted to tell that I've been back home for two days (we came back in the Sunday morning after a night spent in a bus). I headed to the stables in the afternoon to see my best friend for the first time in almost two months. Then we got the best idea ever, drove to her place to get her some things and headed to my home. Around midnight we found ourselves from the local bar (as it was the very first time for us to be eighteen together) and in bed we were around four o'clock...
So better way of sleeping nowhere to be seen... Yesterday (once I woke up and so on) I headed to see my boyfriend and today I've been just reading blogs. You will be so left behind if you don't spend basically any time in the internet for a week. But it's also a really welcoming change to the habits!
Now I'm going to continue to unpack my things and maybe go for a walk later on. See you next time, there's a lot of posts coming sooner or later!

ps. The pics are from my instagram account so some of you might have seen them already!

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2 kommenttia

  1. Sinulla on tainnut olla aika vauhdikas ja tekemisentäyteinen kesä! Jään innolla odottamaan postauksia Saksasta ja Kyprokselta, sillä reissupostauksia on todella mukavaa lukea. (:
    Plus pidä hauskaa Nightwishin keikalla perjantaina! :3

    1. Juu-u, laskeskelin tuossa, että matskua pitäis löytyä ~15 postauksen varalle... :D Että tekemistä ja touhua on riittänyt, kuhan nyt vaan saisin loput reissukuvat vielä itselleni tuon poikaystävän kamerasta! Ja pidän hauskaa, ihan varmasti kun kyseessä on Nightwish ;)