Flights again!



It's been a while since I last posted. I've been quite tired during the week and haven't really had anything to write over here - but still I have a few ideas about what to post, I should just make them real... Anyway everything is fine; the past week included school, horses, girls night-out with my best friend and so on. As normal as always. But today we finally bought the first flights!
Last time I talked about how annoying booking flights sometimes is. Now the stress is gone even though we didn't get the flights for Sunday as planned, but Monday the 8th is almost as nice. So, next June I'm heading to England for the sixth time in my life. This stay is just a few days, but that's better than nothing. England is just the place that I love and it's great to get to show some of my absolute favourite things to my boyfriend (who's flying with me). 

Then after those days in England we're heading to Germany! So the flight is leaving on Saturday 13th and then the next week we'll start in our summer-job. It's now sure that we have a job there, but all the details have to be still clarified. The date when we're flying back to Finland is still open, but we're spending at least three weeks in Germany for sure. 
And if talking about money (as at least I do like it when a blogger shares her budget for a trip and so on). Helsinki-London flight was 41 euros each and London-Munich flight was 62 euros each. We saved around 25 euros as we decided that we'll survive with only one luggage that has a maximum weight of 20kg. And that's all about financials. 

So as a conclusion - I couldn't be happier and more exited! I'm making my dreams come true now and it's nothing but awesome. 
You will most probably hear about the next summer more or less during the spring time, but that's it for this time. Now I'm heading to bed, even if I have a late morning tomorrow as school starts at 9:45 (normally it's 8:15...)

Do you have any plans for the next summer, or do you like to do your planning later on? Any travelling or working somewhere ahead?

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4 kommenttia

  1. Ootpas kaunis! Ja ihan kiva blogi muutenkin, oon vähän ehkä kateellinen kun itekin haluis taas matkustelemaan. :)

    1. Kiitokset! Minä oon tässä nyt ollut ihan innoissani asiasta, se on ihan paras tunne, kun lentolippu on vihdoin ostettuna :D

  2. Minä taas oon kateellinen sun englannin kielen taidosta, itse en omista sen kielen taitoa juur yhtään :-D

    1. haha, mun kielitaito ei ole lähelläkään sitä mitä haluaisin sen olevan, mut ehkä menossa siihen suuntaan, kun kerran aiheuttaa jo kateuttakin :D