Once I had a dream..


..and this is it!

Most probably I've already linked this piece of art over here, but anyway.

Only thing I have to say this time is this:
(pic: nightwish.com)
As people probably know, Nightwish is publishing a new album next spring and starting a world tour. They're heading to Finland too, and I have a ticket to Tampere! Excitement of mine isn't decreasing due the fact that this is the second time I'm going to see Nightwish and Sonata Arctica is going to play before them. It's gonna be an epic nightwish!

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2 kommenttia

  1. Voi oispa mullakin joku jonka kanssa mennä kattoo Nightwishiä... :( Ekan kerran kävin kattoo siskon kans, ei ehkä enää. Toisella kerralla, exän kans.

    1. Heei, kysely vaan päälle niin kyllä joku kaveri löytyy tai sit rohkeesti vaan yksin matkaan! :)